Reader Greg Mitchell writes

Reader Greg Mitchell writes July 18, 2014

about the missionary work he is helping with in Central America and Tanzania.

We have had two sets of missionary volunteers come in already. Our big focus this month is getting our St. Francis Emmaus Center up and running again after we moved to a larger facility. Here is our web link:

And here is a description of our work:

A PREGNANCY AND INFANT HOSTEL IN THE MISSIONS.  The St. Francis Emmaus Center provides a safe, comfortable place for Cabecar mothers, who must journey long hours on foot to have access to medical care, in the days just before and after the birth of a child or in the event of the hospitalization of a child. Additionally, the St. Francis Emmaus Center provides health education workshops and resources for Cabecar mothers.In addition, we have hosted a medical mission and an evangelization mission this year. God Bless.

Eminently worthy of our support!

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