Satanic Ecumenism

Satanic Ecumenism July 10, 2014

In one of the stranger ironies of history Radical Muslims and ignorant Reactionary Catholics now totally agree–against the Catholic Church–that Allah is not the God Christians worship. So Arabic-speaking Malaysian Catholics are about to face persecution from Muslims for calling God “Allah” as they have done for centuries. Meanwhile, my mailbox is full of ignorant rants from the Greatest Catholics of All Time declaring the pope apostate for saying that worship of Allah is worship of God.

You’d think Maronites and Malaysian Catholics didn’t even exist to hear some Reactionary Catholics talk. Muslims don’t know any better. What excuse do the Greatest Catholics of All Time have?

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  • HornOrSilk

    I wish such “critics” would read the Fathers and Schoolmen, because if they did, they would understand the Catholic position more. Reading St Justin Martyr on Socrates, for example, highlights the way the Catholic Church understands “the God of the Philosophers,” which sees natural reason allowing us to know something about God (but the need of revelation to know more than what reason alone can discern). Those who, without revelation or with distorted revelation, can still follow God, the God of the Philosophers, who is recognized as the one true God (thanks, Acts of the Apostles) but whose features are not known until the fullness of revelation is received by the Church. So of course those who seek after the one God seek after, and as much as what they follow accords with that one God, follow that God. Then there is the possibility that even with the philosophers and “pagan” traditions, God sent various “prophets” in their midst, giving minor levels of revelation: Balaam in the OT demonstrates this, as does the Catholic recognition of the Sibyls. Nicholas of Cusa’s opening to “De Pace Fidei” gives a great presentation of this and shows how all true religious philosophical affiliations are for this one God, though distorted by humanity afterward due to our sinful condition.

  • Mark S. (not for Shea)

    Stuff like this just makes me shake my head. It isn’t even theology. All such people need is a basic understanding of language to figure this out. “Allah” is the word for “God” in many languages (not just Arabic, by the way).

    • HornOrSilk

      And linguistically it is connected to Hebrew El.

      • Mark S. (not for Shea)

        Yep. They’re both Semitic languages and share the same root.
        Our English word “God” is the SAME EXACT word a pagan would’ve used to describe Wotan or Loki. Same word. Same word. Same word.
        Do these folks really want to try to make the connection that Christians are praying to the same god as the pagan Germans? No. Because even they are not that ignorant. But their point about Allah is just as ignorant.

        • Francisco J Castellanos

          By Odin, you are so right! 😉

          • wlinden

            I am going off to blaspheme Thor.

      • Francisco J Castellanos

        Indeed. In fact, the Aramaic generic word for God is “alaha or aloho.” Very close to “Allah.” But hey, lets not disturb them with facts, as they have already made up their minds.

  • Manfred Arcane

    Yes, the Arabic Bible has always said — through the centuries – “Allah” as in “Hakitha Ahabba ALLAH” (“For God so loved the world…” as in St. John 3:16).

  • IRVCath

    Actually, it’s Malay speaking Catholics, but the term naturally is the same due to loan words.

  • Jared Clark

    “You and your people worship what you don’t know; we worship what we know because salvation is from the Jews.”

    Muhammad was a false prophet and Islam contains only a shadow of the Truth, as revealed through the prophets and fully revealed and fulfilled in our Lord Jesus. That still doesn’t mean that they aren’t worshiping God; like the Samaritans and modern Jews, they just aren’t worshiping “in Spirit and Truth”.

  • The excuse that there is more than one Allah, just as there is more than one God.

    I don’t mean that there actually is, but let’s face facts, Islam is as fractured as Protestant Christianity, and the sectarian violence is still on the increase.

    Some theological views, such as the mainstream Shi’a and Sunni, have a definition for Allah that is not only incompatible with Catholicism, but incompatible with science and rational thought.

    Other groups, such as the Sufi, worship an Allah almost indistinguishable from the Maronite Allah, and VERY indistinguishable from the God of Catholicism.

  • Allah my be a synonym for God in a sense, but I worry about the pervasive attitude express well by this…
    “There is a widespread idea today that it does not matter what our conception of God is like; how vague it is, how confused, even how distorted. “We all worship the same God” has become almost a shrug of the shoulders, dismissing the responsibility of knowing God as he reveals himself to be, as if to know truly is no difference to us”
    -Caryll Houselander

    • Jared Clark

      That quote is a little presumptuous. When I say a Muslim, Samaritan, Arian, Baptist, or Jew worships God, I do not mean to say that religion does not matter. I mean to say that worship is a human act, and if we intend to worship God in prayer, we do so. If we insist that only Catholics and Orthodox, or only Christians, or only Christians and Jews can worship God, then we necesitate some level of understanding of revelation. This would mean that some Catholics–the children, some with mental disabilities, some ignorant adults–would likewise be unable to worship God.

      As Jesus said to the Samaritan woman, “You and your people worship what you don’t know; we worship what we know because salvation is from the Jews” (John 4:22). God Incarnate didn’t say that a person must have a great understanding to worship Him; He didn’t even say a person must believe an orthodox faith. That is why there is a difference between worshiping God and worshiping God “in spirit and truth”.

  • sbark

    I think that if a person believes in one god and his understanding of who God is is distorted enough, that person is no longer worshiping God. If a person believed that Molech was the only god and sacrificed children in his name, I would not agree that that person was worshiping the one true God.

    The understanding by some muslims of God is certainly distorted. I think it’s fair for someone to question whether or not it is distorted to the point where those people no longer worship God. It isn’t an argument that I would personally pursue but I can understand it.

  • Jessica

    This reminds me of a traditionalist Catholic I know who disagrees with “religious freedom” and believes it would be better to force society to obey Catholic norms. I always ask him how such a state would protest against the oppression of Christians abroad, and he has never been able to come up with any sort of real answer. Saying that “my religion is right” wont convince the mullahs.

    • Jared Clark

      I don’t understand why some traditionalists hate religious freedom. It protects us from crap like the HHS mandate (can you imagine how difficult this battle would be without religious freedom?) and guarantees legitimate conversions since no one is Catholic because the state says so. Religious *relativism* is the problem, not freedom.

  • Clare Krishan

    A little humility with regards to discerning the difference between lexicography, etymology and theology is advised on both houses. The letters we use to express a concept as written may not symbolize the same word being revealed to the mind’s eye: when an Arabic Catholic hears Allah in a Maronite Eucharist the Divine Logos speaks cor ad cor, whereas when an Arabic Muslim reads Allah in his Qu’ran it is Mohamed’s occluded mind’s eye he hears (not the Divine Word) open to interpretation by association with the mind’s eye of his favored Islamic fraternity, of which there are many warring factions. Most Muslims can’t find it in their hearts to agree on what Allah’s will is (hence the wanton destruction of sacred Islamic shrines in Iraq by dissenting Islamists in ISIS) “Gerhard Müller, bishop emeritus of Regensburg and since last year the
    prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, assert in
    2007 that Muslims and Christians “do not believe in the same God,” and yet not contradict any magisterial teaching.

    Beware the irrationally gullible – they often lead the zealous but impatient into perdition!

    • HornOrSilk

      So, will you next say Jews do not worship the same God, because they deny the incarnation? They do not see the Divine Word (Logos, Jesus) when talking about God. Yet, they worship the same God. And the Catholic Church DOES teach Muslims also worship the same God. Not in the fullness of truth, obviously, and with much error — but differences of opinion about an object do not change the ontology of the object in question. This is basic theology on God – and denying this denies natural theology.

  • Gunnar Thalweg

    Allah is a word for God, but also the name of a character in the Koran. I do not believe that the character in the Koran is God, as that character says and does things that are incompatible with what has been revealed by God in the Bible. So in that sense, no, Allah is not God. In terms of defining a generic character with certain attributes–the creator of the universe, the god involved in our daily lives, then yes, in that sense, Allah is God.

    • Jared Clark

      Obviously, the Koran is false revelation from a false prophet. It is in the second sense that we say “Muslims worship God”.

  • obpoet

    Is the Allah of the Koran trinitarian, or not?

    • chezami

      Of course not. Neither is the Adonai of the rabbis. Wanna tell me that Jews do not worship the God of Israel? What is so hard about saying that Jews and Muslims have an imperfect grasp of the God of Abraham?