The Multiplication of the Crashed Hard Drives…

The Multiplication of the Crashed Hard Drives… July 16, 2014

will be the first miracle toward Obama’s canonization.

It’s shocking how little faith people have that there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for all this.

St. Rosemary Woods, pray for Obama!

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  • Andy

    Not to minimize the issues with the Obama presidency – he has been a terrible president – however, the lost excuse has been around for a while – ask George W. Bush. A simple Google search provided this.

    And lest we wonder about the politics driving this my favorite about Issa

    Not defending Obama but the “lost email” excuse is not new. As long as we do not have in our government required archiving systems this will be a handy dodge.

    • ivan_the_mad

      And because it is a handy dodge, we may never have in our government required archiving systems 😉

      • Andy

        In so many ways this reminds me of days as a high school Science and Social Studies teacher – in order of use
        I lost my homework on the bus
        I had to go to the doctor
        I lost my assignment list
        and my favorite – but it turned out to be true
        The goat at my homework – it was true – not the eaten part but the fact was that the families goats had escaped and when their daughter went to help re-corral them her homework fell into the water/food trough for newborn goats – kids.
        If only politicians could find goats to help them.

    • Dave G.

      I have to say, the great thing about having a liberal president in office is that you learn just how often all the bad things that seem to be happening now have, in fact, happened in the past. I remember during the Lewinsky trial, when we were informed that probably every president grazed in greener pastures at least once or more. And heck, I remember being told that most men jump the fence once or twice anyway. Same with executive orders. Without sweating the detail of their contents, I never knew how many executive orders have been issued by other presidents. It’s no fun when Republicans are in office, then the media gets all boring and just focuses on the issue at hand, and you have to rely on FOX to find out anything about other presidents. But I learn so much more about everyone else from the national media when Democrats are in office.

      **The previous was an indictment on our modern media culture, not a justification for this or any other behavior.

      • Andy

        I think you are missing my point – we need to have an archiving system in place – it was not to say see republicans do the same – it was a call for greater responsibility/transparency.

        • Dave G.

          Ah, my mistake. Sorry about that. Oh well, at least it gave me a chance to vent on the modern media discourse. 🙂

          • Andy

            No problem – I aree modern media discourse and political discourse has reached new levels of low.

      • Rob

        Yes..Delivered with the soothing voices of Robert Segal and Melissa Block, in which ALL Things are Considered.

    • Required archiving systems? We don’t even have a list of all the communications systems. Skip the black ops guys if necessary (and it’s probably necessary) but a text file listing every communications system, backup policy, and person responsible is not that high expense a thing. Really, ten people and a phone bank would get it done in a month and maintenance would be even less effort. That’s just tasking the responsible person to periodically fill in a web form that feeds into the text file.

      • Andy

        I have no issue with how it is done – I really think that it has to be done. There are multiple means – but lets just make it mandatory.

        • It’s already mandatory. It’s just nobody asks whether they are doing it and there is no penalty for not doing it.

          Without regularly asking “do you do this” under penalty of perjury, it will be a continual problem.

          • Andy

            Without a consequence, then it is not mandatory, it is suggested and most suggestions are ignored

  • SteveP

    I’m so looking forward to an electronic patient record stored on a government computer.

  • PalaceGuard

    Well, when you shake your Etcha a Sketch just a little too hard, these things happen. (Having worked for guvmint, I am never surprised by files being lost. The number of employees turned loose on computers who possess no training, skills, or abilities or even an intelligent interest in how to properly utilize them is appalling, and the sad fact is that hardcopies are usually left to be filed by the lowest person on the totem pole, usually a clerical trainee or unpaid student intern with the same skill level as the aforementioned computer doofi. OTOH, enough is enough!)