How it will go for the next four years

How it will go for the next four years January 9, 2017

Prolife conservative Christians convinced themselves on election day that they were voting for the “lesser of two evils” but would *totally* “hold his feet to the fire” and would certainly not defend him when he did evil.  The only reason they were supporting him was because defending the dignity of human life was their “core goal”.  That would be the “focus” not any peripheral issues.

But in reality, what invariably happens is that, in order to rationalize that choice, his prolife Christian defenders then find themselves sucked into the vortex of having to defend everything he says and does–particularly when some loathed culture war enemy they have been taught to despise says something perfectly true of Trump.

So, for instance, yesterday loathed culture war enemy Meryl Streep, who turns out not to be a saint, criticized the Dear Leader for his vile mockery of a disabled man.  She was perfectly right.  But since the Genetic Fallacy is all the Trumpkinized Right has to think with they could not admit it.

Naturally, the petty little bully and liar could not let it stand and had to add to his previous acts of bullying and lies with another bullying lie:

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And today?  Well, of course today the prolife Christian conservative community all over cyberspace is doing what it will do for the next four years: completely forgetting its “core value” of defending the unborn so that it can devote the next two or three days to lying that he did not mock a disabled man and besides Meryl Streep sucks and is overrated.

Cuz defending mockery of the disabled will totally save the babies.

This is how it will be for four years.  Prolife Trump defenders will perpetually dance to his tune, not he to theirs.

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