Toldja So

Toldja So July 12, 2014

Aussie judge appeals to gay rights as precedent for normalizing incest.  It’s just a “taboo” doncha know.  And hey!  Genetic problems that result from liberated sex can be fixed right up with abortion!

He also has enlightened views on pedophilia.

"That was incomprehensible. Try using verbs."

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  • Benjamin2.0

    The only people who didn’t see it coming are the ones who are largely incapable of following premises to their conclusions. I think a lot of the people denying that this progression would happen were simply lying, though. I tend to have more faith in people’s intelligence than their good faith, these days – particularly the general kind of people who deny the obvious. You can only explain the difference between a slippery slope fallacy and an argument from logical progression so many times to the same person before you start to realize that some people just say stuff which is advantageous to their positions.

    • Alma Peregrina

      To be fair, my experience tells me that people can go to large distances to rationalize something they desperately want to be true.

      Most people are so dogmatically commited to what they perceive as being “good faith” that they will completely shut down from being shown otherwise. The “ostrich head in the sand” strategy.

      In that sense, you can have faith in their good faith AND especially in their intelligence, since it is that intelligence that is providing excuses to preserve their good faith from the effort of following premises to their conclusion.

  • Catholic & loving it

    Sick. Sick. Sick. These are the results of Moral Relativism spreading across the Western World. God help us.

  • PalaceGuard

    To be shortly followed by another article, “Judge claims comments were ‘nuanced’, and ‘taken out of context’…”

  • Marthe Lépine

    Just wait until polygamy becomes the next goal… with maybe as an argument that it would be a way to solve the problem of single motherhood!

  • How in the world does the judge explain away the charge that the guy raped his sister — as an adult? (worded in the charge as “sexual intercourse without consent). He apparently didn’t try, though his actual remarks about her being “free” for a relationship with her brother are offensive and absurd enough.

    Is rape also going to become just an “alternative” sexual lifestyle soon?

    • SteveP

      Mark is correct: this is pure gay-rights advocate cant: because she had intercourse with other men, she had to treat her brother equally or be guilty of hating her brother’s sexuality; after all, he had no choice in his attraction to her.

      You are correct: rape will be limited to cases where the victim is physically harmed.

  • captcrisis

    This judge doesn’t know any gay couples, I bet. Anyone who does knows it’s just as taboo to a gay person as it is to a straight.

    • SteveP

      You don’t know any judges do you?

    • Dave G.

      The point being, for now it is. Just like a few generations ago homosexuality was a taboo. Or a woman pregnant out of wedlock (who could be treated as harshly as someone caught in a homosexual relationship back in the day). Now, of course, not so much. In fact, at this point, there’s nothing at all wrong with people having sex outside of marriage. That went out a couple decades ago. Homosexual and other non-heterosexual normality is becoming mainstream accepted. And we’ve already had a push for things like polygamy and incest in the wake of these developments. The point is, why should these things not be normalized? Just because? Because right now we say so? Based on recent history, that argument will last another day or so. And those who insist they only want this one thing, and will never, ever approve of any other things are simply denying the reality of reality.

      • captcrisis

        Your thinking shows the disconnect and lack of knowledge of gay people that I’m talking about. I don’t think you realize (or Mark realizes) the degree to which your viewpoint is an insult to gay people.