The Case for Cannibalism

The Case for Cannibalism July 14, 2015

From the Culture Where Consent is the Sole Criterion of the Good.

Not that we are going to face a wave of cannibalism (or incest, or bestiality, or necrophilia, or pedophilia, or various other logically acceptable forms of Forbidden Love, given the premises now enshrined in law that whatever two or more consenting things want to do is just fine as long as you Follow Your Heart).  There will be no sudden uptick in the numbers of people who want to do unnatural and depraved things.  What there will be is the long soaking effect of a culture that now deeply believes in Total Personal Libertarianism and no longer has any argument beyond “Ew!” for whatever consenting people wish to do.

A culture that has nothing beyond consent to go on for its moral code, coupled with no conception of the common good is a culture that, as ours already does, has little room for the weak who cannot participate in consent.  That is the message of Roe, where abortion is “between a woman and her doctor” and the weak do not get a vote.  It’s the message of a culture that says a bailout is between a CEO and his Caesar and the people who actually pay the money have no say.  And it’s the message of Obergefell, which tells people like this that they have no right to a mother and a father.

In short, in a civilization where the *real* dynamic is the concentration of power in the hand of the powerful and the slow reduction of the weak to slaves, the best thing in the world for the powerful is the atomization of culture into pure individualism with no conception of the common good.  It is the strategy known as “divide and conquer”.  That is Hell’s long con.  It will conclude when the Strong have enough power concentrated in their hands to ask, “What’s so sacred about consent anyway?”

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