Monstrous July 14, 2015

Just to avoid confusion, the clip at the start is from a 15 year old story and meant to give some context, but the video is recent.

And before anybody says it, yes, the video appears to have been obtained by lying and yes, I still agree with Church’s teaching about lying and think that Thomas’ assessment of the Hebrew midwives applies here:

Reply to Objection 2. The midwives were rewarded, not for their lie, but for their fear of God, and for their good-will, which latter led them to tell a lie. Hence it is expressly stated (Exodus 2:21): “And because the midwives feared God, He built them houses.” But the subsequent lie was not meritorious.

Catholics who see nothing but unalloyed good in such tactics should not come crying when some “citizen journalist” does this in a confessional–as will surely happen. On the other hand: perspective. Listen to what this woman is saying. Straight from the pit of Hell.

Another plus, the video does not appear to involve trying to inveigle getting the PP rep to so something she might not otherwise do (and therefore help drive her more deeply into mortal sin than she already is), but simply to chronicle what is standard business practice. And what is being chronicled here is horrifying. Indeed, it is so horrifying that, to my surprise even Mediaite acknowledges the horror of it. And, unlike guys like James O’Keefe, the guy who made this immediately posted the whole unedited video so you can see that this is not twisting anybody’s words.

If there was ever an opportunity to defund PP and slap it with criminal charges, this is it. Planned Parenthood delenda est!

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