A manly anonymous reader gets to the bottom of things

A manly anonymous reader gets to the bottom of things August 11, 2014

A reader from the Party of Personal Responsibility locates the real culprits for the catastrophe in Iraq: “This situation wasn’t caused by George W…. It was caused by Mohammed and the religion he invented; feminism; and John Paul II. Which have turned the men of the West into moral pansies.”

I’ll give you Mohammed as the inspiration for ISIS. They certainly don’t self-identify as Jews or Nebraska Missionary Alliance Babdists. But, come on: “Feminism and John Paul II” are responsible for the Iraq War? Good to know that my anonymous reader with a fake email is not a moral pansy with severe manhood issues. He outshines our wussy unmanly saint pope–who survived Hitler, Stalin, slave labor, decades of communism, and an assassin’s bullet–with his anonymous moral courage. What could a pantywaist like JPII possibly know about manliness compared to this St. Sir Robin, hiding in a fortress of his imagination, watching Mel Gibson movies, fondling his weapon and imagining all the wogs he’d kill if he weren’t afraid to leave his house?

So many Catholics who are soooooo much smarter than the pope and the Magisterium.

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