A manly anonymous reader gets to the bottom of things

A manly anonymous reader gets to the bottom of things August 11, 2014

A reader from the Party of Personal Responsibility locates the real culprits for the catastrophe in Iraq: “This situation wasn’t caused by George W…. It was caused by Mohammed and the religion he invented; feminism; and John Paul II. Which have turned the men of the West into moral pansies.”

I’ll give you Mohammed as the inspiration for ISIS. They certainly don’t self-identify as Jews or Nebraska Missionary Alliance Babdists. But, come on: “Feminism and John Paul II” are responsible for the Iraq War? Good to know that my anonymous reader with a fake email is not a moral pansy with severe manhood issues. He outshines our wussy unmanly saint pope–who survived Hitler, Stalin, slave labor, decades of communism, and an assassin’s bullet–with his anonymous moral courage. What could a pantywaist like JPII possibly know about manliness compared to this St. Sir Robin, hiding in a fortress of his imagination, watching Mel Gibson movies, fondling his weapon and imagining all the wogs he’d kill if he weren’t afraid to leave his house?

So many Catholics who are soooooo much smarter than the pope and the Magisterium.

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  • Evan

    Let me make sure I fully understand your reader: “Mohammed ruined the world by preaching violence, and John Paul II ruined it by preaching peace? And if the men in the West are moral pansies, does that mean the members of ISIS are actually real men?”

    No, nothing at all suggests this reader is totally batshit crazy.*

    *Sorry, that was insulting to bats.

    • Tom

      And fecal matter, which is a necessary part of the digestive system.

    • Alma Peregrina

      First of all, I want to make it absolutely clear that I think this guy is a crazy and I don’t condone his opinions in any form and that I was a staunch oponent of the Iraq War.

      Even so, to be fair, the aparent contradiction you mention is not contradictory at all. Mohammed could have ruined the world by preaching violence at the same time that John Paul II could have ruined it by preaching peace.

      In the anonymous commenter mind, the problem is that Mohammed preached violence to the “wrong side” and that the Pope preached peace to the “fair side”. Thus, the “bad guys” were turned into savage thugs and the “good guys” into pansies that do not fight against the “bad guy” savagery. In his opinion, it should’ve been the other way around.

      Again I don’t condone his opinion, but I understand what he’s trying to convey.

      On the other hand, he’s indulging in a desperate and pathetic exercise of blame shifting. I mean, really pathetic. The wrongs that came from the Iraq War are blamed in everyone else, except those that, you know, CAUSED the Iraq War.

      And that’s where the real contradiction lies. This “but he started it!” argument is a boy’s thinking, not a man’s. This “it’s everyone else’s fault but my own, so let me just find all kinds of self-serving excuses to justify what I promoted” kind of mentality is characteristic of those same pansies he is insulting. The commenter should, you know, just MAN UP and admit that he was wrong. That’s what real men do.

      • S. Murphy

        Actually, I’d really like to believe that the comment was satirical…

      • Petey

        I upped your comment.
        that said, it distinguishes women from girls too.

        • Alma Peregrina

          “that said, it distinguishes women from girls too”

          I agree, but I don’t think that’s very important to the anonymous commenter mindset.

      • Evan

        I’ll concede your point about preaching to the “wrong side” in the commenter’s mind, but the reality is lumping Mohammed and John Paul II as two aspects of the same problem is insane.

  • Catholic pilgrim

    “Afraid of leaving his house?” Seriously Mark?! Way to misrepresent the man’s residential status. His parent’s basement where he lives is one of the manliest places you could encounter. “Fondling his gun?” More like Gun-looking-control-remote device from his favorite manly videogame, Call of Duty. You’re not even aiming for accuracy anymore, Mark. And you call yourself a blogger/writer. On a serious note, mamma mia! That guy seriously needs history lessons. I just finished reading Evert’s “St. John Paul the Great: His Five Loves”. Honestly, I can’t think of a stronger, more resilient leader in the 20th century than St. John Paul II. I’ll also add to the list: his struggle with Parkinson’s disease while not being able to retire from the demanding papacy, him being completely orphaned at age 18 (dead mom, dad, siblings, grandpas/mas), securing the survival of Polish culture from the Nazis by having illegal underground theatre/poetry, being knocked aside unconscious by a fast-moving Nazi truck, & resisting the urge not to give into violence/terrorism when most of his Jewish & non-Jewish childhood friends were being slaughtered.

  • KarenJo12

    Oh, your correspondent has company. Seriously, how does this happen?

    • how does this happen?

      What peculiar virtues does a man bring to a society – any society, from family on up? Would you be willing to go on Huffington Post, or even Oprah or The New York Times, and defend your answer?

  • anna lisa

    I read in a com box today that the reason children are getting hacked to pieces in Iraq is because Russia wasn’t consecrated to the Immaculate heart of Mary.

    These are the kind of people who are convinced:

    1. God created AIDS to kill Gay people.
    2. veiled women are irresistibly SEXY.
    3. women are to be seen and not heard while they serve the better sex.
    4.God died on a cross to save a select, elite few who have the Baltimore catechism memorized.
    5. God has a special spit in hell reserved for all the other human debris that will get what they deserve.
    6. Vatican II was the work of the masons.
    7. Fire can’t rain down soon enough on the earth to punish everybody (have you read the writings of the latest mystic from Greenbay Wisconsin? (–get past the accent, the end is upon us!)
    8. The smoke of Satan in the Vatican is coming forth from the nostrils of the apostate from Argentina.
    9. Feminism drives manly men to the temptations of the internet because there are no good women left.
    10. All the bad women left are to blame for everything manly men resort to because they can’t find a spouse to serve their needs.

    • Joe

      I believe all of this. And my tin foil hat is missing because of those Jesuits!

  • tj.nelson

    I think he left out the gays. 😉

  • ivan_the_mad

    You would dismiss his claims, Mark, you and the rest of the sheeple.

  • Weeeell, I’m all for bandwagons, but this guy’s pathology is no indicator of the health of modern society towards men and masculinity. Just because he’s mistaken about what’s making him sick doesn’t mean he feels okay.