runs false headline claiming Francis has issued call to arms in Iraq runs false headline claiming Francis has issued call to arms in Iraq August 11, 2014

This headline is dangerously and recklessly false: Pope Francis calls for ARMED RESPONSE to defend Christians from Genocide – Middle East -…

No. He has not:

Vatican spokesman Fr. Federico Lombardi, S.J., said that Pope Francis “urgently calls on the international community to protect all those affected by the violence and to guarantee all necessary assistance – especially the most urgently needed aid – to the great multitude of people who have been driven from their homes.”

The Pope noted that their fate “depends entirely on the solidarity of others.”

And, by the way, “there is currently no credible evidence to support” the claim that ISIS is beheading children in Iraq, so thank God for that at least.  We’ve been stampeded to war once.  Let’s not let it happen again so easily.

Update:  Looks like they edited the headline to make it more accurate.  Good.

Also, be aware that “stories about child beheadings are not substantiated” is not tantamount to “ISIS indistinguishable from Kiwanis Club”.  I have no doubt that they are committing atrocities, including cutting children in half, according to an Anglican priest who baptized a victim.  My point is simply that it becomes easy, with an enemy as monstrous as this, to believe every news report and lose touch with reality.  That’s a bad way to go into a war, if into a war we go.

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