Airstrikes Against ISIS

Airstrikes Against ISIS August 8, 2014

Story here.

I don’t see how they can be avoided.  But at the same time, I don’t see this ending well if we don’t get the refugees out.  Our war of choice has left us with nothing but a series of terrible alternatives and the least terrible is to smash ISIS bad enough that either other Muslims who hate them finish them off (even Al Quaida hates them) and a slightly less crazy regime takes over that doesn’t murder everything in sight but still persecutes the Church and other minorities, or else do a delaying action, get out as many refugees as we can, and watch ISIS rebuild.

I’m glad that Obama is, at long last, taking *some* kind of action.  But I fear that no matter what, the Church in Iraq is screwed along with other minorities there.

If you can, offer prayers and sacrifices for them.  It’s the main thing we lay Catholics can do to help (along, of course, with corporal works of mercy).

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