For those interested in the plight of refugees…

For those interested in the plight of refugees… August 28, 2014

Kirk Morrison writes:

Kirk from the American Solidarity Party and Christian Democracy Magazine here.

Just wanted to pass along an initiative we’re working on and your readers might also be interested in. I should add (although it should go without saying) that we support refugee status for the young Central Americas crossing the border too.

We’re attempting to triangulate the anti-immigrant forces by trying to get public support for the Iraqi Christians (and other displaced populations). If the nativists object on that they will become (hopefully) more marginalized. If they instead come out in support, they’d look even more hypocritical on the opposition to the adolescents crossing the border OR maybe it might even get them to think again!

The official website of the ASP is here.

Group page on FB

“Public” page on FB

Jack Quirk’s “Christian Democracy” magazine (which is separate from the ASP but kind of “fellow-travelling”).


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