The American Conservative on the latest bushwah…

The American Conservative on the latest bushwah… August 14, 2014

…from the now completely incredible war party spokesmen McCain, Graham, and King, who again want to plunge the US into war in Iraq:

If ISIS’ gains are truly an “existential threat” to the republic and our cities are about to “go up in flames,” why did these Republican hawks not demand that President Obama call back Congress from its five-week vacation to vote to authorize a new war on ISIS in Syria and Iraq?

After all, King, McCain, and Graham belong to a party that is suing the president for usurping Congressional powers. Yet, they are also demanding that Obama start bombing nations he has no authority to bomb, as ISIS has not attacked us. King, McCain and Graham want Obama to play imperial president and launch a preemptive war that their own Congress has not authorized. What kind of constitutionalists, what kind of conservatives are these?

Since Iraq is not our 51st state, but a sovereign nation, suppose we let Iraq and other people in the region take the lead in fighting these guys? Or, if these guys insist, how about we send Graham, McCain and King to go fight? I think Graham’s doughy unused body alone could absorb hundreds of rounds of enemy fire like the Pillsbury Doughboy and never feel a thing. He’d be a natural human shield, like Marvel Comic superhero. He has, after all, never felt a thing about the hundreds of thousands of other bodies his damp-handed bellicosity has riddled with bullets. It should be tried on him. Let him be brave about shedding his own blood for once.

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