The American Conservative on the latest bushwah…

The American Conservative on the latest bushwah… August 14, 2014

…from the now completely incredible war party spokesmen McCain, Graham, and King, who again want to plunge the US into war in Iraq:

If ISIS’ gains are truly an “existential threat” to the republic and our cities are about to “go up in flames,” why did these Republican hawks not demand that President Obama call back Congress from its five-week vacation to vote to authorize a new war on ISIS in Syria and Iraq?

After all, King, McCain, and Graham belong to a party that is suing the president for usurping Congressional powers. Yet, they are also demanding that Obama start bombing nations he has no authority to bomb, as ISIS has not attacked us. King, McCain and Graham want Obama to play imperial president and launch a preemptive war that their own Congress has not authorized. What kind of constitutionalists, what kind of conservatives are these?

Since Iraq is not our 51st state, but a sovereign nation, suppose we let Iraq and other people in the region take the lead in fighting these guys? Or, if these guys insist, how about we send Graham, McCain and King to go fight? I think Graham’s doughy unused body alone could absorb hundreds of rounds of enemy fire like the Pillsbury Doughboy and never feel a thing. He’d be a natural human shield, like Marvel Comic superhero. He has, after all, never felt a thing about the hundreds of thousands of other bodies his damp-handed bellicosity has riddled with bullets. It should be tried on him. Let him be brave about shedding his own blood for once.

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  • Dave G.

    I don’t know enough about ISIS to know if they pose a real threat to us or not. The only thing I do know, from observing things for the last 13 years, is that if they did or not, it wouldn’t make a difference.

  • AquinasMan

    ISIS is arguably a greater threat to our country as a social media-savvy terrorist outfit. They present a very attractive cause to the wrong sort of mindset, and the ability to export their Satanic mentality via youtube and Twitter is what we cannot easily defend against.

  • Mike Blackadder

    I think that this is just a pointless unkind post. We need to try to be tolerant of other opinions. McCain served his country and was tortured while in enemy hands. YOu can hardly accuse him of being an armchair general.

    • HornOrSilk

      On the other hand, I don’t think McCain is too “there” in regards policies:

      • Mike Blackadder

        “In the images ISIS released recently of their members posing with McCain, the man closest to John McCain is none other than General Salim Idris, who was then the head of the Free Syria “moderates”.

        What happened to him?

        Idris was booted out for being too moderate.”
        So McCain is actually posing here with the then head of ‘Free Syria moderates’ (whatever that means) who was subsequently relieved of duty for being too moderate. I’m thinking that to some degree McCain probably didn’t know who he was associating with or what their future ambitions would be in Iraq (and how could anyone know), but it’s just strange that he would be criticized on the basis of having associated with those described as ‘moderates’ in the Syrian struggle.

        • The Deuce

          He should’ve known, and he was warned… by conservatives (the libs were mostly busy trying to justify Obama’s actions in arming them).

    • Andy

      I am not a fan of Mr. McCain – I honor him for his service, but his standard response of military intervention in all foreign issues becomes rather scary. We have the “best” military, and spend the most on it, but it should not be our response of first, second or even third choice. It should be so much further down the line. I have little respect for Mr. Graham or Mr. King.

    • Jamesthelast

      McCain makes jokes about bombing people. His hawkish ideas of causing much death and destruction don’t deserve respect.

    • Elmwood

      ah yes, the last of the politically protected class of people: the veterans. nobody can say anything critical of their conduct because if you do, you don’t “support the troops” and must therefore hate america.

      at least 66,081 civilians died during the GOP war in Iraq that McCain and Cheney think was justified.

      • Mike Blackadder

        I’m not saying that they ought to be a protected class. I’m saying that Shea’s post is inappropriate and pointless – which it is. There’s no substance to the post or actual counterargument to the opinions that he opposes. If Obama said that he thought the US had to take military action I somehow doubt that Shea would respond with the same scorn. To say that we ought to throw Graham’s body in there to absorb a bunch of bullets is obscene. Mark can do MUCH MUCH better than this, which is why I said something.

  • The central argument of the above quote from AmCon is unconvincing. What constitutional expert has decided that defending Iraq and its citizens from ISIS requires a separate war resolution and that the existing authorizations are not legally adequate? If Congress wants action against this or that gang of thugs that takes over a chunk of Iraq, are they obliged to draft a new resolution for each occasion?  Or are we supposed to accept the notion that ISIS qualifies as a state now instead of a death cult?

    I think the whole takeover of Iraq was a mistake, but we broke it and we bought it, and the notion of just walking away from the messy client state we made is irresponsible, regardless of what loudmouths McCain, Graham, and King are. Whatever they said, it probably has more merit and substance than Mark Shea’s ugly insults toward one of them for the crime of being fat.

    • Mike Blackadder

      I think it’s pretty clear that we didn’t ‘break it’ until we abandoned it and left a huge void when we STOPPED fighting the war on terror 6 years ago. Obama in hasty manner capitalized on the few gains that Bush achieved in his 8 years (including useful intelligence obtained at Gitmo – which made locating Osama Bin Laden possible, a subdued Al Qaeda (to the point that Obama said the terrorists were ‘on the run’), and relative peace in Iraq that facilitated withdrawal). Other than capitalizing on what was Bush’s policies and claiming credit for himself he has NO achievements in the war on terror, but to do a 180 on the narrative. That was an enormous and untimely mistake which did not take long to recognize.