When did Missouri become an Iron Curtain Country?

When did Missouri become an Iron Curtain Country? August 14, 2014

News crew tear gassed and their equipment dismantled.

What’s interesting and creepy (to me as a blogger) is that as real journalists are harrassed and intimidated and arrested by the Glorious Democratic Police Army of Ferguson, the reportage depends on private citizen with cellphone, Twitter and Youtube. The problem is that a lot of this is context free images. So the raw date goes out and then is interpreted for us by heavily biased private organization with a huge agenda. The result is not news nor even the “free flow of information”. It’s left wing and right wing sites, with their respective partisan audiences, listening exclusively to what their itching ears want to hear.

My own working assumption, as with the Commies, is that when a police state won’t let the press have free access to information, it is guilty till proven innocent. I owe the state no presumption of innocence at all. Our Founders certainly did not. The whole purpose of the Bill of Rights is to protect people from a state the Founders assumed would try to get away with tyranny at every turn. Therefore, I presume Michael Brown was murdered by the cops and the state is trying to cover it up. If it walks like a duck…

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