France, Australia, even Syria are opening the doors to Iraqi refugees

France, Australia, even Syria are opening the doors to Iraqi refugees August 14, 2014

But still the Obama Administration is doing nothing to give asylum to the desperate refugee population that the US, more than any country in the world, is responsible for creating.

I hear the president is having a very restful vacation.

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  • Mark S. (not for Shea)

    Shameful. We created this mess.

    • Doyle

      No. ISIS created this mess. Competing death cults created this mess.
      Don’t fall for the blame game. There is an ideology of ignorance and death that has been shaping the middle east for some time now.

      • Joseph

        You just said not to play the blame game… doh!

        • Doyle

          Not blaming anyone. Those who do these acts acknowledge them. Their cult calls for these actions. They will tell you so. There’s no hidden agenda hear; no need to delve into agendas. The violence and perpetrators are right in your face about it. Now what do we do about it?

          • Mr. Jingles

            The Muslims need to rein in their own. This is happening in their countries by their people. If they don’t, then we know for sure that they tacitly approve the actions of these people and that there is no differentiation, and that any further cries and pleas for us to recognise the ‘true peacefulness of Islam’ is nothing more than a fire blanket protecting them from acting against their own in any way.
            In the meantime, unfortunately, the Christians being targeted (though you wouldn’t know that reading anything out of the MSM) need to prepare to become martyrs. We can’t invade another country because they refuse to handle their own humanitarian crises. What we can do is watch and finally come to the conclusion that we need to making excuses for Islam and see it for what it is, a dangerous religion and a blight on the world… that is, if the Muslim world doesn’t react to stop this madness (and I mean more than words).
            If the KKK started murdering blacks and Catholics in Mississippi with the intention of seceding from the US and creating a ‘pure’ Republic, Americans of all stripes would step in to prevent it, even without the help of the US government (though they would help too). If Americans and the US government did nothing then it would be obvious that they tacitly approved of the KKK’s actions. The fact that ISIS, Al Queso, and all of the other Muslim terror groups move around so freely in Muslim countries says quite a lot. Think about it.

            • Doyle

              There are all kinds of responses between 1. All out war and 2. Do nothing. This administration does not get that or does not want to get that. They were unbelievably slow to react to ISIS–like a year too slow.

      • Mark S. (not for Shea)

        We created the mess when we invaded the country, toppled the government, destroyed infrastructure, and put an incompetent corrupt man in charge of the country. We created a power vacuum ready for any lunatic group to fill. Which is pretty close to exactly what the Pope and a bunch of other world leaders warned would happen.
        Bush, Cheney, and the rest gave bin Laden exactly what he wanted: Radical Islam at war with the West and ravaging the Middle East. And they’re still proud of it.

        • Doyle

          The people there have there own free will. They choose how to act in whatever conditions are there. Bush and Cheney have little to nothing to do with this six years in. If anything, pulling out the troops is the most likely agent of change, yet I do not blame President Obama for the violence. The people who perform sin are the ones who will be called to account and all the illuminati agendas in the world won’t wash them clean. The question remains what do we do?

          • Mark S. (not for Shea)

            “The people there have there own free will. They choose how to act in whatever conditions are there. … The people who perform sin are the ones who will be called to account.”


            Perhaps I’m misunderstanding your point, but frankly that
            sounds like a cop out excuse. Consider…


            While you’re at work today, I go to your house, disable all
            the security alarms, break all the windows, leave all the doors wide open, then go on my merry way. Your neighbors are horrified but don’t do anything. The local street gangs decide to come over, walk in, steal all your belongings, punch holes in the walls, rip up the carpet, then move in. You come home, and they tell you, “This is our place now.” You find out what I did. I say, “Whoa. Sorry. Here’s a check for the broken windows, but you can’t hold me responsible for all the rest. I have no control over those street gangs. It’s hardly my fault they cleaned out your house.”


            You would say, “It certainly is your fault. NONE of this would have happened had you not done what you did.”


            And you’d be right.

            • Doyle

              I do not link the former president more closely with this problem than the current President whose foreign policy in absentia created this problem, who has willfully withdrawn troops for bald political reasons rather than listen to the obvious conclusions of what would happen if we left Iraq. Iraq was democratizing and more stable when Bush left office

              Let’s blame George Washington. If he had simply surrendered, there wouldn’t have been an America to do the dastardly invasion of Iraq after they bullrushed Kuwait. After all, the Christians in the ME see how wonderful the world is when we lead from behind and take no moral view (e.g. letting the Iran revolutionaries dangle) The ME is on fire and this is directly due to the withdrawal of America’s influence.

              Worse, it was entirely predictable and foreseen.

      • Andrew

        No. We created this mess. America, in error thought we could magically apply democracy in the ME like a balm in a region that has seen zero democracy for it’s entire existence. It’s heresy to say this but some peoples need a strongman. N. Africa and the ME had strongmen in power for decades and one say almost none of this chaos. Now the strongmen are gone, look at the result. No, we did indeed create this mess.

        • Doyle

          Bush did not leave a mess. The mess occurred after war. When President Obama trashes the ME policy and chaos results through lack of leadership, it is suddenly impossible to govern or to be president or to work with strongmen. Odd that how the ME was NOT on fire when Bush left office. A superpower can have many responses if it wants to morally lead. We must agree to disagree. I was alive and politically active during these times. I remember the calls for freedom from Iran and the ink stained thumbs of the Iraqis. I see what leading from behind has allowed to happen.

  • LFM

    Possibly the reason the Obama administration isn’t taking in these refugees is that the US is already taking in so many from Latin America? Just a thought….

    • Joseph

      …or because the administration just doesn’t care… perhaps?

      • LFM

        Not care? I don’t think so, as it sent personnel to survey the situation and see if intervention was necessary. For now they seem to think not – perhaps because of the action of other nations in taking in refugees. I don’t know.

  • kirthigdon

    “even Syria”???? Syria has been harboring hundreds of thousands of Iraqi refugees ever since the American invasion under Bush.

    Kirt Higdon

    • chezami

      My point is that a thug like Assad is showing more compassion than our country is.

  • Gee, you’d think a Nobel Peace Prize winner could do something more than improve his golf game at a time like this.

  • Elmwood

    Blaming Muslims for ISIS is like blaming Christians for the Nazis or KKK.