Checkmate, Atheists!

Checkmate, Atheists! September 17, 2014

Thanks (I think) to Steven Greydanus for pointing me to this amazing… thing.

"Something is wrong when a Catholic writer gets obese."

In case you missed them….
"Frank Walker (Canon212) is Catholic. Mark Shea is not. That's all you need to know."

In case you missed them….
"Patheos and Mark Shea are no more catholic than any other religion, in fact any ..."

In case you missed them….
"Lol , says the modernist paperback theologian par exellance."

In case you missed them….

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  • James H, London

    LOL! Just perfect!

    Sad thing is, there’s probably a sad Aspie to whom this is Stooopid Chrischuns that need refutin’…

  • captcrisis

    The strong version of the anthropic principle.

  • Tom

    My otherwise reputable high school, which taught us about actual Catholic doctrine and even basic pieces of Thomism, decided that seniors in religion class should watch Fireproof. Mercifully, my teacher refused.

    • orual’s kindred

      I’ve only seen gifsets of a specific scene. And if those snippets are accurate…*cringecringe* The message is good, but if they were going for an emotional effect, the execution was as deft as falling bricks.

  • The problem being that the Cavendish Bannana is an example of KNOWN, human generated, intelligent design. It is a hybrid, a sterile genetically engineered fruit. It did not evolve on its own, it is specifically designed for a given market.

    • D.T. McCameron

      I find that no more disproof of God than the existence of domesticated dogs. In fact, via some convoluted loop-de-loops through Tolkien and such, I find it a sort of evidence for our Creator.

      • I’m just saying that you’d be better off with an apple than a banana as a proof for the created universe. Or even a plantain. At least a species created by God through the process of evolution, as opposed to a species created by man through hybrid genetic manipulation.

  • Andrew P

    I cringe at this sort of thing actually. Smacks as some kind of silly anti-intellectual “arguments” Evangelicals use as “proof” of God that atheists use against Christians due to the sheer ridiculousness of it all. A banana? Really?

    Don’t misunderstand me – God did indeed create the banana, and dirt, and gravity and the hydrogen atoms across the entire universe, but out of the entire deposit of faith available, a banana is the locus of “proof”? No wonder antheists make fun of us.

    • S. Murphy

      The headline ‘checkmate atheists!’ is a giveaway that it’s a joke…

  • Advocate

    The sad thing is that bananas were bred to make them easy to open. Intelligent design, but from the hand and mind of man.

    • Linebyline

      I read somewhere that they’re easier to open from the bottom. I tried it, and people thought I was an idiot who couldn’t figure out how to work a banana, but it did work.

      • orual’s kindred

        I never even knew there was a protocol!

      • That’s totally true. I hate bananas, but my 3 year old niece opens them from the “bottom”, and they’re much easier that way.

        I also read somewhere that monkeys naturally open them from the “bottom”. Dunno how true it is.

      • silicasandra

        I’m trying to picture this and I can’t. Obviously, I am too stuck in the normative paradigm of top-opening. I am so bourgeois that I usually use a knife to open them because I hate smooshing the top (though a fingernail can do the trick, too.)

    • JJG

      Nonsense. Bananas were invented by Carmen Miranda:

      And anyone who thinks Carmen was an epiphenomenon of random quantum and thermodynamic fluctuations is storing his head where the sun don’t shine, which is not a very good place for it. No, you can’t watch the above video, if you have a lick of sense, without concluding that Carmen was created by God. And, given that, since she created bananas, bananas also testify to His existence. QED, quid pro quo, and e pluribus unum.

  • orual’s kindred

    …Kirk Cameron and Bananas.

    Well, there’s something I never imagined I’d read anywhere. What an odd world this is!

  • Joseph

    Monkeys eat bananas. Doesn’t this prove that humans evolved from monkeys?

    • JJG

      Carmen Miranda ate bananas, therefore all of humanity evolved from her. Or, more to the point, devolved. Because if you don’t think this is the height of Western Civilization, you’re a complete Philistine:

  • Cas

    (0:57 mark) Liar! Every banana I’ve eaten points AWAY from my face, not towards it. God is dead!