Dear Abortion Activists…

Dear Abortion Activists… September 29, 2014

This is why people hate you: Woman gives birth to a baby who only survives 10 hours.  Abortion activists call her “selfish”.



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  • PalaceGuard

    The pro-abort site’s motto reads “Morality is not determined by the church you attend nor the faith you embrace. It is determined by the quality of your character and the positive impact you have on those you meet along your journey” Which ranks right up there with “Arbeit macht Frei”, given the context. The comments there are…Walpurgisnacht on acid.

    • Blobee

      Abortionists are not having much of a positive impact on the babies who are being killed along their journey, I think.

      They are a piece of work. I often imagine them sitting around brainstorming how to twist the language to make their position sound good.

      • Abortionists are not having much of a positive impact on the babies who are being killed along their journey, I think.

        I do not in any way disagree with you, but we will win hearts and minds when we can connect our position with the mother’s well-being, primarily. For a mother to be concerned first with her baby’s life before her own is beautiful and natural. For society to be concerned with the baby’s life before the mother’s is repellent and disgusting.

        In order for society to protect the baby, we are asking the mother (whether or not she’s a “welfare queen”) to make a tremendous sacrifice. If we do not make that sacrifice easy and rewarding, if we do not honor her for that sacrifice and do what we can to share the burden of it, then we are like the Vietnam anti-war protesters who spit on soldiers as they came home. Even if the protesters were correct about the war, or even the behavior of some soldiers, such an act was both morally vile and, in the end, politically ruinous.

        • Blobee

          I know. I was being sarcastic, and I probably should curb the urge to be so.
          I also agree with what you’re saying. I know the whole situation is such a mess, because once they become sexually active, girls go from one sinful situation after another, and then get painted into a corner, and there’s the world, giving them deadly sinful solutions to their situation.
          I know we don’t help anyone by condemning them. Once the baby is conceived, it’s a reality, and only by dealing with that in a real, helpful, and compassionate way will we be true Christians. But how do you wind it all the way back to the virtue of chastity and purity, which is the only safe road for anyone?

  • I believe it. When our daughter Vivian was diagnosed with anencephaly, a family member admonished us publicly (on Facebook) for not aborting. His argument was that we were putting ourselves and our son, who was three at the time, under needless stress and trauma.

    • I’m sorry. There are lots of people who argue that it was selfish of me to have Beadboy1, who has Down Syndrome. What they don’t seem to get is that it is the height of arrogance to decide if another person’s life is worth living.

      • anna lisa

        They did the same thing to my sister about her Down Syndrome baby. At 20 weeks they told her that they couldn’t determine which trisomy he had, that he had no fingers, and would die within hours of birth. They warned her that he would look like a monster.
        She refused to abort. One uncle called her selfish. Some of the doctors and nurses snapped at her.
        We had a priest there at the birth when they took him a couple weeks early by c-section. My parents and I were the only ones at the baptism in the NICU. He looked so angelic, truly like a little cherub–so adorable. Even after he was born some of the doctors and nurses asked her if she was happy with her “choice”. She couldn’t believe that they could look at him in her arms and say that with derision in their voices.
        He’s 18 now. I waved goodbye to him this morning as he was being lifted on to the school bus. I said, “go get ’em Ninja!” (He’s in his green Teenaged Mutant Ninja t-shirt that he loves) He beamed at me, and lifted his arm as far as he can to wave. I admired his manly barbed wire tattoo that my son stuck on his arm a couple of days ago. He told me I could get one too. His arms and legs are deformed, and he will never walk, but he navigates his wheelchair like a boss, and has even managed to go freewheeling around the neighborhood of his school, before they realized he’d taken off.
        He is such a joy.
        Anyhow, thankfully, I didn’t receive cruel comments from the doctors and nurses when my last baby was given a terminal diagnosis, in the last trimester. The ultrasound technician asked me if she could pray with me. She probably could have lost her job for that. I’ll never forget it. There are good souls everywhere.

        • The funny thing is, of all the doctors and medical professionals I encountered, it was my pro-choice ob-gyn who was the most accepting and supportive of my decision to continue the pregnancy. I pray for him often, because he does both great good and great evil.

          • anna lisa

            Souls are complicated. I wouldn’t doubt it if he eventually turns from the evil. Our late term abortionist here eventually stopped and became a Christian.

        • Kristin

          Your nephew sounds AWESOME. 😀

          • anna lisa

            Thank you. He is! 🙂 🙂

        • Blobee

          Thanks Anna Lisa, because I sometimes wonder who is more disabled, the people whose brain or body is not working as we expect, or the people looking down on them. God brings much good through those who need our charity and love.

          • anna lisa

            So. very. true. My sweet nephew constantly reminds me of this!

    • SteveK

      Nevermind the needless stress and trauma such comments have invoked in your life.

  • Blobee

    What if, by some miracle, the child had lived and the doctors found they were mistaken about the diagnosis? Well, abortionists would be silent about that.

    How awful to live in the times where good is called evil, and evil called good.

    • Joseph

      I’ve actually witnessed this firsthand. Doctor’s calling for an acquaintance of mine to abort their child who they diagnosed with certain life-threatening abnormalities, even in the third trimester. Our priest was brought in during labour to prepare giving the child last rites since the prognosis was bad. The child was born perfectly normal and healthy.

    • neoconned

      Happens quite a bit actually. Regarding my youngest son, before he was born, they said his head would be too small for his body (it wasn’t). Then after he was born and spent some time in the NICU, they said he would likely choke on his own saliva. He’s now twelve years old, in school, quite the character,and the joy of our life.

  • obpoet

    Logic and stoicism only a Vulcan could appreciate.

  • iamlucky13

    There’s lots of stories about babies that some people believe shouldn’t even be given a chance who in the end live good lives. Even disabled, many of them contribute quite a bit to those around them. I also sense more genuine charity from the parents of severely disabled children, charity that I’m sure in part they learned from their experience, than in the overwhelming majority of other people. Parenting a child with special needs is normally seen as a burden, but in those situations, it is turned into a transformational experience.

    But even that is still a utilitarian viewpoint that neglects the question of why they have any less right to live, or at least be given a genuine effort on our part to help them live, than anyone else.

    “At twenty weeks they could have chosen to protect their child from future suffering by aborting the pregnancy.”

    Wow. And just think how many people in Africa we could protect from suffering with our nuclear weapons. People who come up with this sort of nonsense should love that idea: end suffering for an entire continent AND achieve nuclear disarmament all in 15 minutes!

  • Peggy

    I’m gonna go out on a limb here. I do not disagree w/your disgust for the pro-abortionist crowd and for these comments in particular in the Lifenews article. Got it.

    I wonder why you felt compelled to write “This is why people hate you.” I thought we’re not called to hate. We don’t have to approve or agree. We may even have compassion for their souls, praying for their conversion or God’s mercy for them. I should think, however, that we should not hate. Further, your statement reminds me of the childish unkind statements like “Everybody hates him/her anyway.”

    I guess you wrote that to offset the similarly uncalled-for expression of hate toward conservatives in relation to indecent remarks such as Williamson’s below.

    • chezami

      No on both counts. I’ve borrowed the expression from Kathy Shaidle because it amuses me.

      • Peggy

        Okey, doke.

        I can “see” Kathy Shaidle saying that.