Did you know that C.S. Lewis reviewed “1984”?

Did you know that C.S. Lewis reviewed “1984”? September 29, 2014

Neither did I.

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  • Irksome1

    He probably did it as payback for Orwell’s tepid review of That Hideous Strength.

  • PalaceGuard

    Interesting, although I haven’t read 1984 in so long that I don’t recall the sex scenes in the slightest. I concur, btw, with his comments regarding Becky Sharp: Thackeray definitely jumped the shark with “Becky as Clytemnestra”.

  • Michaelus

    Click through and read Evelyn Waugh’s review.

  • CJ

    Interesting. I disagree with Lewis because for me, Winston is a cipher for the reader. We don’t get to know him too well, which allows us to see ourselves in that nightmare world. For me, it made the horror more immediate.

    Different strokes for different folks. After all, Tolkein couldn’t stand Narnia.