Dear Silly People who call me a Damn Librul

Dear Silly People who call me a Damn Librul September 27, 2014

Only in the diseased world of politicized, heretic-burning, right wing Americanized Catholic “thought” could I–a Catholic who believes all that the holy Catholic Church believes, teaches, and proclaims; who accepts completely the Church’s teaching on the pelvic issues; who hates abortion and euthanasia with a passion; who believes in the infallibility of the pope; who rejects gay “marriage” as an ontological impossibility; who believes in the Real Presence, honors our Lady as the Ever-Virgin, Immaculately Conceived, Assumed into Heaven Mother of God; who takes seriously just war teaching, and endorses capitalism (within the moral limits prescribed by Catholic social teaching)–be described as a “liberal”. Try measuring views according to how they line up with Catholic teaching and not how they line up with FOX and Talk Radio spew.

What such people have taught me is that it’s, y’know, *okay* to believe all the “non-negotiables”. But start blaspheming Walmart, the minimum wage, or guns and all of a sudden you are not a “Real Catholic” anymore–which tells you how important, in the eyes of some, the things I mention above *really* are in taking the measure of one’s Catholic faith.

Thank you.

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