Dialogue with Demas

Dialogue with Demas September 26, 2014

In which we meet a confused Catholic and try to reduce the confusion.

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  • iamlucky13

    This was a good read. I hope it can help Demas to know that a great many Catholics struggle with certain teachings of the Church. But having given consideration to whether or not the Church’s most central teachings are true, there is an opportunity for an act of faith.

    If one has accepted the more plainly stated beliefs as true, then is it perhaps prudent to be willing to accept the rest as true, even though one does not fully understand them, for the sake of better living one’s life? The questioning is not over, but it saves one from the hazard of making presumptions about teachings one still has a great deal to learn about, and helps one to approach those teachings more openly, without prematurely rejecting the input of the many very dedicated, educated, hard thinking theologians God has gifted us with.