Fr. Robert Barron’s Invisible Friend

Fr. Robert Barron’s Invisible Friend September 4, 2014

is Love and lovable.

The whole “God is your invisible friend” jeer is another example of padding the case for atheism. It substitutes a sneering tone of voice for an idea and is a classic example of worshipping instead of using the intellect.

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  • Mark R

    Maybe I am defective, but everything this priest writes leaves me cold. I have never been a full blown atheist, but even as an agnostic his approach would have been all wrong for me. I sense an opportunity is lost in dealing with atheists, many of whom could be going through some kind of dark night — we don’t know. Perhaps dealing with them charitably would be better than trying to have an intellectual discussion. (Arguments never get anyone anywhere, as has been shown in comboxes)
    Atheists have a much easier job arguing their point anyway, perhaps it would be more counterintuitive not to emulate them. God does not force himself on us…we should emulate the Lord here. Be a presence, be patient, be charitable.

  • Des Farrell

    An excellent article on Aquinas, who I have to admit I find tough going. Also the link to the 2008 article by Mark is well worth a read too. Hitchens’ brilliant verbose bullying was fine for tv debates and magazine articles but there left a lot of holes in his reasoning, which the link outlines. A half hour well spent.