The Cuteness on her First Day of Kindergarten!

The Cuteness on her First Day of Kindergarten! September 4, 2014

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  • Sharon

    Gosh time passes quickly. I can remember your delight at her birth and the photos you have shared with us over the years. I know that she will love pre-school and will have lots of exciting things to tell her grandpa about it.
    God bless Lucy xoxo

  • LSpinelli

    I miss those days. Look at that smile!

  • ImTim

    She’s so old now! I just can’t believe she’s already going to kindergarten.

  • anna lisa

    Adorable!! My “the cuteness” just started K too and already has a bff too. And get this–her 23 y.o. *teacher* was in the same class as my second son Max!
    This can mean only one thing…
    I’m “old Mom”.