Grace is Dark Matter

Grace is Dark Matter September 5, 2014

Newfoundland woman offers free room for sick travellers.  One of the millions of tiny acts of unheralded love that made the world go round.

Also, in other glad news:

Indonesian girl feared killed in 2004 tsunami found alive

Girl found nearly 128 km south of her home, where she was raised by an elderly woman

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  • Kate Cousino

    When I was a college student, traveling home for a visit with a couple friends, the van we were in broke down along a particularly barren stretch of the highway. My boyfriend trekked to the closest exit, a small town with a big truck stop/restaurant, and had the van towed to the garage at the truck stop. We spent 10 hours at that truck stop that day, waiting for a part that had to be ordered in, then realized we were going to have to overnight it, with nowhere to sleep but the van.

    That’s the point where the waitress who had been serving us coffee and tea all day asked if we’d like to go home with her at the end of her shift. She could only offer us a sofa bed and some floor space, but it would be a place to sleep. It was like water in the desert, especially on what was the hottest night of the summer.

    As it turns out, it wasn’t the first time she’d taken in a stranded traveler or an exhausted hitchhiker. God bless her, and all like her.