“I’m faster than a fish!”

“I’m faster than a fish!” May 7, 2015

“…Faster than a raindrop! Faster than a zoom of lightning!” – My five year old granddaughter Lucy the Cuteness, being awesome while biking

"Totally agree! Question is ; When will they make a commercial about all the women ..."

Well done, Gillette!
"The Nazis were in freefall a month before Hitler became Chancellor. A series of intrigues ..."

The March for Trump
"I mean, I don't really think Gillette are doing this for minorities, its just that, ..."

Well done, Gillette!
"there are pro-life democrats? never heard of one."

The March for Trump

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  • orual’s kindred

    She’s wonderful! And it’s been five years since she was born?!