Police State Good News (and Bad News)

Police State Good News (and Bad News) September 29, 2014

Good News:

“Amid a national furor over police militarization, the San Jose Police Department has decided to get rid of a 15-ton armored vehicle it received earlier this year from a federal military surplus program.”

More Good news:

San Diego School District returns utterly ridiculous giant armored vehicle.

Bad News:

While generously foregoing the vitally needed grenade launchers, the LA School District is holding on to those ridiculous armored assault vehicles and M-16s, since they are so crucial to the educational mission of a well-armed police state.

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  • Rebecca Fuentes

    I bet the metal shop class could have a blast with the armored assault vehicle.

    • Or auto shop, if they still have those.

      My question is, if the police and schools get rid of them, where do they go? It sounds like they’re giving it back to the military from whence it came, but it’s not 100% clear.

      • kenofken

        It all goes back into the ecosystem, if you will. They’ll give it back to the military, who will in turn give it to some gang of “moderate” rebels in Iraq/Syria, who will put it to full use when they become the next ISIS. Our defense contractors will, as ever, stand ready to sell us the $1.6 million missiles we’ll need to stop it.

    • Joe

      Please don’t give them ideas. 🙂