Prayer Request and Possible Work of Mercy

Prayer Request and Possible Work of Mercy September 30, 2014

A reader writes:


I have severe PTSD and my doctor wants me to have a service dog. Although there are several agencies that give trained service dogs to military veterans, there is nothing for other people who have seen a different kind of life-threatening battle, torture, brutality and violence. I have searched the internet and have only found one local agency that trains and supplies service dogs. They charge $6,200.00 for a dog, and there is no funding for poor people. I also asked my doctor if he knew of any funding, and he didn’t. In addition to these issues, the dog must be one of the few breeds that is hypoallergenic, because I have allergy induced asthma. My veterinarian tells me that a standard poodle (the large size) would be ideal. Please send up some prayers for me to somehow get the service dog that I need. Also, if anyone knows of an agency that gives service dogs to the poor, please also let me know. Thanks very much.

Father, hear and answer this reader’s prayer through your Son Jesus Christ. Mother Mary and St. Francis, pray for this person.

If you know of somebody who can help, gentle reader, leave a note in the combox with contact info and my reader will get ahold of you.

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