So, so important to punish the poor

So, so important to punish the poor September 20, 2014

Ours is society that never flags in its diligence for inventing new and creative ways to punish poor people for the crime of being weak and vulnerable and reminding of the fragility of our own live. We hate them for that and can never forgive them for it.

So, for instance, we create laws banning hungry and homeless people from panhandling, and then follow them up with severe punishments for those who, even without being asked, see in their brother a poor icon of Christ and try to give.

Fools! When will be people understand that Christian charity and generosity only serve to lessen the punishment these devils in human deserve! If they can’t be starved as well as humiliated every minute of every day, how will the poor ever understand that they should just stop being poor and get with it if we don’t humiliate and starve them into forsaking their poverty that threatens us so much?

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