Bergoglio’s List is out today

Bergoglio’s List is out today October 21, 2014

One of the funniest misfires in the wake of the election of Francis was the instantaneous attempt of the hardcore atheist and Catholic hater crowd on the Left to accuse him of being a tool of the military dictator nasties in Argentina who disappeared political enemies, etc during the Dirty War. It was a very inadvisable line of attack and exploded rather spectacularly in their faces.

Now comes a book that details the history of Bergoglio’s actual engagement with the regime. Here’s the publisher’s blurb on Bergoglio’s List:

BERGOGLIO’S LIST, which tells, for the first time, how Father Bergoglio–now Pope Francis–hid, protected, transported, and even saved the lives of those targeted by the ruthless Argentine military dictatorship during the Dirty War. For the first time in English, Nello Scavo’s excellent investigative reporting not only disproves those who say Bergoglio aided the dictators, it instead shows the future pope’s courage and faith as he defiantly opposed the dictatorship in order to help the weak.

Here is a link to the book page on Amazon:

and on our site.

I’d also like to include this review of the original Italian edition of the book by Sandro Magister, the longtime Vatican reporter and insider.

John Allen has also reported on the Italian edition of the book here.

We are very excited to bring this story of the Pope’s courage and virtue to the English-speaking world.

Check it out!

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