Our God King Can Order the Death of Anybody on Earth…

Our God King Can Order the Death of Anybody on Earth… October 2, 2014

…at any time, for reasons arrived at in secret and never be held accountable for it.

And if you believe for one second that a day is not coming where a) this will create massive blowback abroad and b) Caesar will decide that exactly the same thing should be deployed against American citizens on our own soil, you are a sucker of the first order.

Those who would give up Essential Liberty, to purchase a little Temporary safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety. – Benjamin Franklin

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  • Without a well defined common language it’s just another day at the monkey house with everybody flinging poo. Nothing constructive is going to get done in that environment. The linguistic package to handle defense issues is so poor at present that you really have to start from ground zero. So I did.

    I’m currently working with the Pentagon to define ‘war’ which, so far as we’ve been able to determine to this point is ballpark 25 different terms and they’ve agreed that the full list of terminology is not classified. The press office guy seemed a bit surprised at that but perfectly happy with the lack of classification.

    Part of the problem is that John Oliver is so obviously proud that they spent an entire week working on this issue. Journalism, 2014 edition, is so ADHD that working out basic terminology that allows you to meaningfully discuss a life or death issue for a whole week is an accomplishment worth mentioning.

    • D.T. McCameron

      “so obviously proud that they spent an entire week working on this issue.

      This bugged me. Which isn’t to say that the truth about the subject is not being actively obscured or hidden, but simply that a week’s worth of investigation seems like a pretty paltry attempt to get a good picture of anything even half as dicey as government sanctioned robot assassination.

      “define ‘war’ which, so far as we’ve been able to determine to this point is ballpark 25 different terms”

      Is a similar situation what lead to the fast and loose definitions of “combatant” and “imminent threat”?

    • I’m currently working with the Pentagon to define ‘war’

      I’m not trying to be snarky, here. What, exactly, is your day job? I thought you were an entrepreneur.

      • Working with the pentagon, in this case, consists of calling the press office, presenting my writing affiliation (Chicagoboyz.net) and asking my question and periodically calling them back to move the thing along. The intention is to create a product, which I will then sell. It is also a test run for getting a business process worked out for an entire class of reports:
        1. Getting the answer.
        2. Automating answer maintenance.

        Step number one is taking longer than I thought it would but in terms of actual time devoted, this project has perhaps taken up 45 minutes of my time (including writing this note).

        It’s entirely coincidental that I was working on this when this article came up but it was relevant and thought it would be entertaining and perhaps useful. You never know where inspiration will strike.

  • Joseph

    The only sad aspect of this reporting is that it appears the only way it can be reported and expected to be consumed by people is if it’s done in a humorous way… when it is not at all humorous and is *not* entertainment. If any serious discussion of the issue takes place, people relegate it to *conspiracy theorist babble*. Unfortunately, the only people, that I know of, who actually attempt to deliver this information in a serious tone are people like Alex Jones. But people like Jones run down any amount of conspiracy theorist rabbit holes so they can’t be taken seriously… which ends up being the same problem with John Oliver, only because his is a comedy format.
    It’s one serious issue amongst many that the majority of Americans/Europeans know nothing about because of its sources of delivery.

  • sbark

    The good news is that the next time there is a Republican president, the press will be foaming at the mouth about this. It’s simply not an issue when it’s being done by someone of the same ideology as the press. That’s about the only reason why having a Republican president is better than a Democrat. The press actually pays attention to the bad things a Republican president does.

    • Willard

      Which press? Breitbart, Drudge, Fox, WSJ. If we ever get another Republican and he decides to drone kill half the middle east, his sycophantic press will tell everyone that it is the most patriotic thing evah to support him and only commie pinko lefties would dare oppose.

    • Joseph

      Awesome… resulting in a sweeping election in favour of the Democrats… who will behave in the same way. Cool! You’ve got it all figured out!

  • Jonk

    Regarding point b, one of those danged libertarians pointed that out a while back, and, after much fussing, got the God-King to sort-of, kind-of say he won’t do that. For now.

    Silly libertarians.

    • D.T. McCameron

      The trick then becomes stretching, “engaged in combat” like they did with “imminent threat.”

      • Jonk

        Hence my “sort-of, kind-of… for now.”

  • Rally

    Concerning the “week of investigation”, it’s a week long look into what has been reported over the past 10 years about the use of drones. Honestly, with the media reporting on this for a decade, it is surprising that there is still no accountability. Seriously, what do you think John Oliver could uncover that every major news station and newspaper hasn’t over the past decade? Talk about high expectations.

    There should be account, but where can it come from? Supposedly the opposing party to whoever is leveraging power, but in truth, every politician sees this as a powerful opportunity that they may want to use themselves someday.

    The House has been talking of suing the president for over 6 months, but not once has his unbridled murder of innocent civilians been the reason for the suit. Instead, it’s been over policitcal appointments and federal directives, that is to say, over power and who holds it.

    • Actually, my expectations are of Mr. Oliver are a bit more modest, treat a serious subject seriously. Make your jokes, that’s what they pay you for, but don’t throw away the research. Put up some sort of data structure so that the people inspired by the report can actually do something about it.

      • Yes! The court jesters should hire some people to do exactly this. It would make their work so much more substantial.

        • Being available for the task on a revenue sharing basis is, in fact, part of my business plan.

  • iamlucky13

    This really is not just about drones. Drones are convenient in some cases, and they’re new. If you’re killed by an Apache hiding over the next hill without a trial or clear evidence you’re engaged in combat, you’re just as dead as if you’re killed by a drone circling overhead without justification.

    It’s also interesting to me that Mark is aware of and points out the hazards of a government that sheds due process and oversight, potentially empowering itself to commit crimes even against its own citizens with impunity, yet also argues so vehemently against the people being capable of replacing that government, should it become truly necessary.