Stunning Legal Theft

Stunning Legal Theft October 8, 2014

Another week, another astounding revelation of the police kleptocracy we live under (NSFW language, but do watch it):

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  • Marthe Lépine

    Oh!!! And we used to hear, here in Canada, that going to Mexico was dangerous, with all these people gunned down, crooked cops, corrupted courts, etc… Was the Mexican border really moved that far north?

    • Benjamin2.0

      I can’t believe no Red-Stater has made this joke yet. I have to do it myself. The thing is obligatory. No amount of strength natural or otherwise could resist the passions which drive me now. I have to step far outside my persona which has no interest whatsoever regarding this topic in order to place myself into the political crossfire rightfully owed to and sought by people who do.

      There is no Mexican border.


      The end.

  • bear

    Most of us up here in Canada have heard stories similar to what Oliver covers here. I knew a guy who was driving through the States. He was pulled over for ‘speeding’ (he claims he wasn’t) and told he had to cough up the money for the fine right there.
    “Fine. What’s the fine?” he said.
    “What do you have on you?” asked the cop.
    By some utterly amazing coincidence, the fine was eactly all the money he was carrying at the time. So he handed over his cash and continued driving. He was glad to get out of that county and into the next (being very careful to be under the speed limit all the way) except he had only just passed the “you are now entering…” sign when he was pulled over again under the obscure Driving with Canadian Plates Law. He was told he had been speeding. He denied it. The cop insisted he was, and told him he had to pay the fine right there.
    “I can’t pay the fine,” he said. “The cop in the last county took all my money.”
    “So you have no cash money on you?” said the cop.
    “None,” he said.
    “That makes you a vagrant,” said the cop.
    The guy was arrested and held in jail until his father could wire him the money to be bailed out. He cancelled all further travel plans, and turned back north to Canada, and swore never to return to the States again. That was before 9/11 and the current insanity.