The Difference between Colbert and O’Reilly

The Difference between Colbert and O’Reilly October 1, 2014

…is that Colbert *means* to be hilarious:

Even funnier, the Great Man of FOX News declares that those who ridicule his massively and obviously stupid idea are “dumb“. Since when has an overextended empire that outsourced its security to a foreign mercenaries who did the bidding of the powerful until the powerful couldn’t pay them anymore ever suffered perfectly predictable blowback from that massively stupid decision? What could possibly go wrong if you heavily arm an independently contracted strike force of 25,000 foreigner and conscience-dead Americans from “Soldier of Fortune” and make them promise not to carry out massive terror attacks on US soil against US citizens so long as they are perfectly happy with the way they are paid by us forever and ever and ever?

FOX News: You Can Actually Feel the Brain Cells Dying As You Watch

Meanwhile, on the Left side of the aisle, all those deeply principled Lefties are super-sincere–about their commitment to some kind of war or other for some sort of purpose fighting alongside somebody or other who may or may not be our sworn enemy on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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