The Principle: Bad Science, Worse Anthropology, Worstestest Theology

The Principle: Bad Science, Worse Anthropology, Worstestest Theology October 22, 2014

A Catholic scientist looks at the embarrassment that is this movie. It has its premiere this Friday at one theatre in a strip mall miles outside of Chicago, where it will be seen by the filmakers’ family and friends, perhaps some investors wanting to see where all the money they flushed down the loo went, and a few connoisseurs of Catholic arcana, cinematic train wrecks and bizarre backwaters of the culture war. Then, instead of fulfilLing its destiny to FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGE OUR VIEW OF THE UNIVERSE FOREVER as Rick DeLano has been boasting, it will vanish and reappear on DVDs offered for sale at “We True Catholics Must Stop Evil Pope Francis!!!” events held by small gatherings of the Greatest Catholics of All Time. And yet, for all that, Bob Sungenis and, in particular, Rick DeLano, the P.T. Barnum of Reactionary Catholicism, have done a bangup job of making this ridiculous film into yet another occasion for the Faith to be laughed at by the Gentiles. And yet another case of epic bad judgment by Reactionary Catholics who seriously believe that wisdom will die with them as they keep backing wrong horses, visible-from-space disasters, and complete folly. Here is a film that will fill the enemies of the Faith with glee, make people who take it seriously stupider than they ever were before, and make life for people who take science and Faith harder then ever. Thanks, guys!

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