The War on Okra

The War on Okra October 9, 2014

Heavily armed drug cops raid retiree’s garden, seize okra plants

If we let the elderly fry their okra, we might as well just give Hezbollah our whole freaking Navy. – Reader Michael Lichens

In other “Georgia police invading homes to kill and maim for nothing” news, this man was killed, in his drug-free home, by a SWAT team on a drug raid. In this, he strongly resembles the innocent Georgia pastor who was also killed in a drug raid on his home in 2009.

And that pastor was only the beginning for that illustrious group of cops, who then went on to hurl a grenade at a dangerous baby in a crib in yet another drug raid.

Funny story: the people who permanently disfigured and possibly brain-damaged that baby in his crib will face no charges.  Let that be a lesson to them!  Here is their handiwork.

Now you might be the sort of person who thinks that the way to deal with this is change the policies and training regimen governing police behavior, as well as vote out the morons who architected this insane policy and vote in people who will create sane policies so that cops can’t simply burst into your home and start shooting you on the basis of nothing.  But no, that would be too sensible.  So instead various states like Indiana and Georgia are passing or contemplating laws authorizing homeowners to shoot cops, while doing nothing to stop no knock raids.  Because that certainly won’t lead to a completely foreseeable escalation of bloodshed or anything.

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