Anomalous Events that Shake Skepticism

Anomalous Events that Shake Skepticism November 18, 2014

God is incorrigibly personal and does stuff like this.

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  • Consensus reality is the mask in front of reality.

  • Mike

    Geez if that’s enough to “shake his skepticism” it isn’t very skeptical is it? I’ve had dozens of those kinds of things happen to me in my life it seems. If we are open to a thrust of grace it will not disappoint.

  • MarylandBill

    The comments to this post are telling. For some skepticism is risen to the level of faith itself. If I decide it is something I should be skeptical about (i.e., religion and God), then no experience should be enough to make me question that belief.

    • You could bump into a tree and decide it was only a headache.

    • Ed Pie

      I wonder if any of the skeptical commenters noticed that they made reasonable attempts to explain how the coincidence was possible, but none of them attempted to explain the coincidence itself.