I AM ARNOLD ABBOTT! November 7, 2014

Behold History’s Greatest Monster!

Florida charity worker, 90, arrested by police for feeding the homeless gets arrested again one day later

  • Arnold Abbott was arrested by police in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for feeding the homeless on Tuesday, which is now against the law
  • The 90-year-old, who has been helping prepare hundreds of meals a week since 1990, was back at it again on Wednesday despite his arrest
  • Fort Lauderdale Mayor Jack Seiler is speaking out against Abbott, saying homeless people should have to interact with the government to get food

If you are Arnold Abbott, pass this on. This is as much an assault on religious liberty as the HHS mandate.

If you want to give Mayor Jack Seiler (a Democrat struggling to prove that all that stuff about being the Party of the Little Guy is pure banana oil) a piece of your mind, his email is jack.seiler@fortlauderdale.gov and his phone number is 954-828-5003.  Flood him with protests.

I hope a thousand rise in Arnold’s place and say to Mayor Seiler, “Come and get us!”

Unleash the power of the blog!

UPDATE:  Somebody has started a Go Fund Me in Mr. Abbott’s defense.

“It is a great pity that film and radio and other modern inventions have lessened the opportunities of the public to meet politicians face to face and tear them to pieces.” –G.K. Chesterton, Buffalo Evening News, July 14, 1926

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  • Pete the Greek

    “saying homeless people should have to interact with the government to get food”
    – Well, the ‘war on poverty’ pretty much took over, in people’s minds, all authority and all responsibility for caring for the unfortunate.

    I’ve always thought there was a VERY short step from asking ‘WHY DOESN’T THE GOVERNMENT FIX THIS PROBLEM?’ to the government saying ‘THIS IS OURS NOW, ANYONE BESIDES US ADDRESSING THIS PROBLEM WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.’

    Schooling… Healthcare… Self Defense… If you give control over to the government, soon they will tolerate no one but themselves touching it. Caesar is a jealous god. You people are surprised by this?

    • Well, I’m not surprised. I can recommend a book about this, Surveiller et Punir by Michel Foucault (published in English as Discipline and Punish.) One doesn’t often see Foucault recommended on Roman Catholic websites, and for good reason, but that book is full of facts, compellingly written, and animated by a sense of moral outrage that could never have sprung from the nihilistic ethical code in which Foucault ostensibly believed.

    • Sherry

      No. Not in the least.

  • Mark S. (not for Shea)

    Part of me thinks it’s just time to give up and sell Florida to the highest bidder. But the other part of me knows there wouldn’t be many takers.

    • Dan F.

      Isn’t that the problem, too many “takers”? Only kidding, only kidding…. 😉

  • I was hungry, and you fed me. So the cops came…

  • Damon Wells

    If you would like to help Mr. Arnold Abbott in his legal fight against the City of Ft. Lauderdale, please donate to the following fundraiser:


    Please also share via your social media and email as the more people who read and donate the more we can all help this man.

  • Athelstane

    This is just mind-boggling.

    Unfortunately, it makes sense to some bureaucratic mind.

    • bear

      “Unfortunately, it makes sense to some bureaucratic mind.”

      In other words, it makes sense to a mind already boggled.

  • Dan13

    Legally, this is an interesting. Feeding the hungry is a fundamental Christian belief. It’s one of our corporal works of mercy, of course. But a new line of thinking is that religious freedom only pertains to within the church’s wall (i.e., beliefs and not necessarily actions). So if this goes to trial, it could provide a bit of a litmus test going forward on whether clear and fundamental Christian practices can be banned by the state.

    Oh, and obviously I support Mr. Abbott here.

  • Sherry

    The Churches should throw open their doors and have makeshift soup kitchens for the homeless and let them sleep on the pews with blankets, in defiance of the odious ordinances created by these cretins. The jails should bulge to beyond capacity with people charged with feeding the hungry. We should have buses go down for the express purpose of passing out food.

    • Douglas Pearson

      If they did throw open their doors they would not be cited for violating the new city ordinance because the hungry folks being ministered two would have a place to use the restroom.

  • Pager

    That homelessness and starvation should persist condemns the mayor’s own politics! But, perhaps he seeks to ‘buy’ kudos’ or votes – party faithful to the front of the food queue.

  • Colored_catholic

    In the name of life, you have been supporting a nihilistic philosophy for decades. What else do you expect? As the conservative/Republican power grows, watch an unleashing of the human animal in all its splendour.

    Conservatism is nothing but Nietzsche’s will to power. You will watch and see as they drop any pretense to supporting life as they increase the plunder, and you can already see this. War against women did not work, because your so called conservatives gave it up. Thom Tillis (R) won by proclaiming OTC birth control.

    And give the harping about HHS mandate a break – you did not see any Catholic Bishops doing anything close to this about RomneyCare, which had the exact same mandate. Only now, it is an earth-shaking “religious liberty it at stake” . How convenient.

    You are in bed with a vicious force that actively wants to screw the poor out any sort of medical insurance. For what? So that you can have your empty moral victory of not indirectly, remotely, tangentially making it possible to get birth-control?

    That sort of association with birth control is worth dying to prevent, even at the cost of denying care to the poor.

    But your direct support of the nihilistic capitalism pushed by the GOP is OK, even if it is undercutting at the roots your support of life?

    • chezami

      You appear to be new to my blog if you think I support the GOP or the Thing that Used to be Conservatism.

      • Hezekiah Garrett

        Not new to your blog, Mark. New to losing in elections. The dems didn’t care about you until they lost big last Tuesday. Now they are coming at you in full force. I’ll bet colored Catholic is Lily white, or more likely, pasty green.

        Charles Weiss is another suspicious Charlie come lately. Let the republicans lose in 16 or 18 and they’ll be sowing discontent with your pro regulation stances.

      • Marc M

        Well, you did criticize a Democrat’s actions in this post. That sort of thing cannot be tolerated.

    • Douglas Pearson

      Comments like this make waking up more complicated… thought maybe I had forgotten how to read!

  • Douglas Pearson

    He has not been told he can’t feed the hungry! He has been told to do it in a way that conforms to the law. There is nothing unjust about the new ordinance and could be easily complied with… provide a portable toilet when you show up.

    • HornOrSilk

      Just like “Christians” also have to “conform to the law” in Muslim nations and there is nothing unjust with their “ordinances” which could be “easily complied with” right? And you have that mark as your disqus avatar.

      Seriously, the law is made to hurt the homeless, and make it difficult for them to get what they need. The rich are preferred to the poor. That leads to a cry up to God.

      • Douglas Pearson

        Providing a toilet for the crowd of people you are bringing together is a preference for the rich? I don’t think the rich are anywhere near the place.

        • HornOrSilk

          Jesus didn’t bring a toilet, but he fed the 5000

          • Dan13

            To quote Stephen Colbert:

            ““This monster [Abbot] cannot claim he didn’t know better, because he was doing from a church kitchen . . . .For as Jesus said in Matthew 25:35, ‘I was hungry and you gave me something to eat. I was thirsty and — look out! The cops are here! Hide the loaves and the fishes!’”

            • Douglas Pearson

              What is your point?

          • Douglas Pearson

            If Jesus didn’t do it, we shouldn’t do it… not sure I have heard that particular doctrine from the Church yet, but the way things are moving we certainly might.

  • Andy

    This ordinance is one of many passed by Fort Lauderdale that impact the poor/homeless – taking their belongs, anti-encampment, move along ordinances among many and all for this —-
    In August, Fort Lauderdale hired property advisor CBRE to guide its real estate policy, which centers around the redevelopment of its downtown. The centrally-located Flagler Village has recently seen new office space, restaurants, and apartments crop up where warehouses and other older buildings once dominated. Following the gentrification script to a T, many working-class blacks who once lived in the area have been pushed out so that the Brooklyn of Fort Lauderdale can blossom in milquetoasty peace.

    It’s just the kind of superficial transformation that impresses people like the judges who hand out the All American Cities awards every year. Fort Lauderdale was named one of ten “All American Cities” in June, after completing the rigorous process of filling out a five-page application and talking to a panel for 10 minutes. It may be a meaningless accolade, but for a city that’s long been a Spring Break punchline, it’s a window-sill trophy meant to catch the eye of passerby developers.

    Damn gotta love the lord mammon.

    • Dan13

      The trophy ought to be the golden calf. After all, ‘Murica is a Mammon Nation.

      • Andy

        I hadn’t thought of that.

  • Drop that plate!

    It should be a line from a W.C Fields movie.

  • elizacoop

    Feeding the hungry clearing just encourages them.

  • God Bless this man… he need have no fear of Judgment Day. Let us all do likewise when they outlaw works of mercy in our own towns.

  • I am not sure how law works in Florida however, there are loopholes in everything everywhere. Someone please find a way to have Mr. Abbott watch this video, I am quite confident that this may be the “loophole” that will keep his service to the homeless legal!