I’m Likin’ Abby Johnson Better and Better Everyday

I’m Likin’ Abby Johnson Better and Better Everyday November 22, 2014

The woman is prolife, not merely anti-abortion. Instead of driving abortion clinic workers further into their life of evil for the sake of a photo op, she befriends them and calls them out of that life.

Instead of talking as though opposition to abortion is carte blanche to cheer for the killing of adults, she recognizes that human life is sacred, even when it is guilty human life.

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  • JohnPC

    Yes, all that, and I’ve always admired her courage from walking away from her job at Planned Parenthood when she became convinced that it was wrong.

    • someone45

      Or she saw her way to more money and decided to betray the women she had been fighting to protect.

      • Hezekiah Garrett

        Of course you have evidence backing up your slander of this woman, right?

        Mere cynicism? May the Lord be merciful to you.

        • someone45

          I have been to the clinic she used to work for. Her clinic was NOTHING like she claimed. The people there were some of the most caring people I have ever met. I know several women who had abortions there and they were all done in the safest way possible. So yes I have first hand experience that everything this woman says is a lie.

          I also have a friend who used to work for that PP. She backs up my idea that Abby Johnson is a liar.

          • Hezekiah Garrett

            But you didn’t accuse her of being a liar in the post I was responding to.

            May God grant you healing.

      • HenryBowers

        Abortion doesn’t protect women; it harms women.

  • Edgewise

    From the comments below that article–each of these (much less altogether) worth more than the usual bit of contemplation

    “If Texas values life, it shouldn’t let murderers get away wit it.”
    “Although this man may be mentally ill, he did in fact kill his wife’s parents. Why should this man, who denied the life of two people be considered worthy of clemency? Mentally ill or not, he did the crime, now do the time. Once he is gone, he will not kill again, ill or not!”

    And not least of all:

    “Panetti forced his way into the home and assaulted his wife, who was staying there with their three-year-old daughter at the time. After being confronted by his in-laws, he shot both of them and took his wife and daughter to a cabin where they were held at gunpoint before Panetti released them later in the day.
    The Supreme Court had heard Panetti’s case in 2007, when it concluded that he was improperly denied the chance to prove he was mentally unfit for execution.
    In the 2007 court’s majority opinion, Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote that it is not enough for inmates to understand that they are being executed, which was the standard of the 5th U.S. Circuit of Appeals. Rather, individuals sentenced to death must also understand why they are being executed.
    The liberal agenda failed to mention this. He knew what he was doing.”
    Oh, and lest there be any “clever” replies to that first quote:
    “It’s punishment. Just not sufficient punishment. Two people’s lives are worth more than giving someone free meals, shelter, healthcare, and the rest of the days he gets to experience that he deprived those other people of.”