The Real Eugenicists

The Real Eugenicists May 4, 2017

Last week’s Panic du Jour was about Bill Nye’s stupid commentary on “extra children”. Don’t get me wrong, Nye’s comments were stupid and his attempt to “just ask questions” was a transparent move to move such talk within the “universe of discourse” for Thoughtful People. So there was much dudgeon about it in prolife, conservative and Christian circles as a Perceived Culture War Enemy offered words that those on the Culture War Right could freak out over.

But here’s the thing: Nye has no actual power. He’s a talking head on a show. Meanwhile, there are actual social Darwinists at work as we speak, laboring to harm and even kill undesirables who cost too much and who (they believe) have it coming. People who need to be purged from the gene pool for the sin of not leading pure enough lives as Rep. Mo Brooks made clear yesterday. Poor people. Fat people. People who smoke. People who have been raped, suffered, domestic violence, or had a C section. People who need maternity benefits (health care “reform” will drive up costs by over 400%). Kids in special ed. “Human debris” as Limbaugh calls them. Riff raff. Lebens unwertensleben, as they are called in an appropriate language. People who are in the way of the Good White Christians of the GOP and their quest to concentrate power and wealth in the hands of Better People.

And the response of the Panickers of last week? Fantastic! These people need weeded out of the gene pool. They have it coming.

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