How Not to Be Pro-life

How Not to Be Pro-life August 29, 2016

The Governor of Maine, Paul LePage, self-identifies as a “prolife” Republican. Thing is, when you are actually pro-life, you do not go around announcing that you are “at war” with “people of color” or declare them, en masse, “the enemy” who need to be killed.

When the state starts talking about citizens, not as citizens, but as “the enemy” and as a subject population that needs killin’, that’s, you know, bad. It’s also not “pro-life”.

Also, when a lawmaker criticizes you for saying such a stupid thing (and does not, with tremendous self-restraint, call you a racist), you do not, as a prolifer, fantasize publicly about murdering that lawmaker in cold blood. Nor do you leave messages like this on his phone:

Apropos my piece the other day on swearing and profanity, I do not have the vapors over the Governor’s use of profanity. People talk that way when they get angry. The issue is, rather, was there any justification for his anger?

The answer to that is, “No.” The lawmaker was perfectly justified in his criticism. And the governor was, each time he opened his trap, way the hell out of line.

I look forward to Stream’s Stephen Herreid calling for his fainting couch as yet another public Catholic uses Bad Words. Of course, all may be excused because the Guv’s not one of those awful faithfully married women with ten kids, but a good solid Republican on his standard issue second wife.

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