A reader has a brilliant idea

A reader has a brilliant idea December 26, 2014

He writes:

I am grateful that you mentioned that a book of yours was on Kindle.

He means This is My Body. Though I also have By What Authority?, The Heart of Catholic Prayer, Salt and Light, Disorientation, and The Work of Mercy available on Kindle as well.  And of course, they and many others are also available in dead tree form (and you can get them autographed that way too!)

I bought it and another.  I hadn’t known that they were there.  Although I don’t have a Kindle, I do have a Kindle App that allows me to read them.  You might want to mention the fact that they are available that way a little more often – just a suggestion/thought.


And to you too, Gentle Reader!  Who am I to argue with you during this festive season?

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