As we near the season when historically illiterate skeptics around the world declare…

As we near the season when historically illiterate skeptics around the world declare… December 23, 2014

Jesus Never Existed, it important to put on our Thinking Caps and learn to apply that hermeneutic of suspicion to all historical sources.

To that end, may I present the penetrating analysis of the “Beatles (as they were presented to us) Never Existed” website. It will change your comfortable, bourgeois, believing-in-Beatles world FOREVER!!!!

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  • Jon Moles

    This would be hilarious if it weren’t so disingenuous.

  • UAWildcatx2

    …Paul is a dead man…miss him…miss him…

  • UAWildcatx2

    On another note, I’m ridiculously surprised that Humphrey’s site didn’t load my screen with pop-up ads. Wonder if he’s ever seen this:

  • MarylandBill

    Obviously claims to Jesus’s divinity cannot be proven by a text or eye witness testimony. When an atheist claims that Jesus was just a man, I can happily agree to disagree with him and have a beer with him where we debate the issue or not as we choose. But when anyone atheist or otherwise (though almost always an atheist) chooses to claim that Jesus never existed, I know there is no reasonable way I can have a discussion with them. They have essentially adopted an extreme, irrational position, that they will try to make sound rational. It is essentially the same as trying to maintain geo-centrism as the principle theory of the Universe.

  • David Naas

    Funny how an “agnostic” Bible scholar like Bart Ehrman fiercely defends the *existence* of Jesus. (Just argues over Who He was.)

  • Bill Burns

    Absp. Sheen has a great argument explaining why Napoleon never existed. It uses many of the same types of arguments as the “Jesus never existed” shills use.

  • CatholicJames##Scott+~

    Jesus Mythers! The Geocentrists of Atheism!