Australians Deal with Terrorism…

Australians Deal with Terrorism… December 16, 2014

the way you should.

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  • Marthe Lépine

    That is a very interesting contrast: If my memory is correct, Australia was originally used to “dump” convicted criminals from England. Thus, most, if not all, of Australia’s original settlers were convicted criminals – and look at the way their descendants and other residents of their country are reacting against terrorists! On the other hand, the original settlers in the US were idealists from England who wanted to create a unique country where “liberté, égalité et fraternité” would be fundamental values – and look at the way many of their descendants clamor in favor of torturing terrorists!

    • Pete the Greek

      “and look at the way their descendants and other residents of their country are reacting against terrorists!”
      – I think most Americans are not being buffaloed into fear by terrorism either. I know this just by talking to actual human beings. Now, if I got my impressions of all people from Fox or CNN, then I’d imagine that everyone was cowering under their sofas and crying in panic.

      I think a REALLY big difference seems to be how Australian media portrays their own people.

      • Marthe Lépine

        Or, just maybe… Their leaders do not yet see much use to create the kind of fear among their people that would allow an attack on civic liberties.

  • Pete the Greek

    “Australians Deal with Terrorism”
    – I think they gunned the guy down. Which, I agree, is exactly what you do when someone tries to commit terrorism.

    Then, they didn’t let the terrorist ruin their day. And yes, I very much applaud that!

    • Ez

      It actually did “ruin” my day . 2 innocent people died. The 34 year old cafe manager and a 38 year old mother of 3 children under the age of 10, who is also a respected Sydney Barrister were the innocent victims of this act of violence.

      This madman was out on bail for 40 sexual assault charges and the killing and burning of his ex wife.

      The lying Muslim community is trying to distant themselves from this lunatic Sheikh. But the fact remains, theirs is the only religion that actively promotes and carries out violence IN THE NAME of God. As the example was set by this monster.

      I hope the leaders in Australia wake up. Because there are 3 beautiful children who will be motherless tonight. And another family who will be mourning their beautiful son.
      All because of the shameless libertarians that have plagued the western world with their “love” for the poor unfortunate Muslim person, above their love for their nation.

      I don’t want Muslims in my country because I don’t want to live with a group of people who threaten my peace or safety or sense security.

      This act of terror will happen again, because of the morons who are our leaders who are too busy singing “kumbayah” in the park on their ukelele.