I often hear from people wondering how you figure out what Catholic dogma is

I often hear from people wondering how you figure out what Catholic dogma is December 16, 2014

Behold! Three essential books for learning Catholic dogma.

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  • antigon

    O sure, fine for a fundamentalist ‘wanting to close oneself within the written word…the certitude of what we know,” despite that “it is the temptation of the zealous…of the solicitous & of the so-called traditionalists & also of the intellectuals.”
    Also fine for Catholics I should think, but then…

  • Hm, good selections. Before I clicked the link, I guessed “Bible, Roman Missal, Catechism.”

    I also was unreasonably tempted to list: “The Queen, the Vatican, the Gettys, the Rothschilds, and Colonel Sanders … with his wee beady eyes”

  • Mark R

    Good. But it is a pity in the Western Church that one must go to outside sources for this rather than in the liturgy and prayers of the Church. Puts one in a vacuum, I would think. I wonder if the constant turmoil and wars over liturgy are somehow connected to the weak doctrinal content of Western liturgy.

  • Eric

    No one has ever asnwered this question for me: other than the Immaculate Conception, and the Assumption of Mary, what other Ex Cathedral proclamations have there been? How many are there and what are they?

    • Obpoet

      Deafening silence. Again.

  • wlinden

    But it’s so hard to figure out what is heresy! Can’t you DEFINE HERESY?