The Airborne Beer Story

The Airborne Beer Story December 16, 2014

In honor of our vets from the Battle of the Bulge, on the 69th Anniversary of its beginning.

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Fasting Friday: Thinking about Hell
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Fasting Friday: Thinking about Hell
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Fasting Friday: Thinking about Hell

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  • billTuba

    When he got to the part when he shoots the men caught helpless in the barbed wire … I just could not listen anymore…..

    • Dan Berger

      It’s hard. I remember when I was in basic, my drill sergeant got mad at me for saying I wouldn’t shoot at paratroopers in the air. “They’re coming to kill you!” And it was true: if he’d held fire and let those soldiers get through the wire, he would be dead instead of them.

  • Tommy Boy

    Wars are won by killing the enemy. Shooting helpless enemies who killed the best friends of your young life is frequent in war. War is hell. Which is why we need a Congress and President who do not lie about the cause for war. WWII was barbaric. We won because we killed more enemies. Don’t judge the heroes who saved us.

    • chezami

      Thank you for that forthright rejection of just war and endorsement of committing mortal sin in order to save your skin. False courage does not make you a Real Man.