The next time a “prolife” Torture Defender says…

The next time a “prolife” Torture Defender says… December 16, 2014

“Liberal pantywaists care more about a few terrorists than they do about the unborn” bear in mind that he is defending the sodomization of children at Abu Ghraib that somebody thought would be a great thing to get on tape.

Attention: “prolife” “Faithful” Catholic torture defenders.  It is hard for you to kick against the goads.  And there is no point in doing so.  Nothing is achieved by continuing to pretend to be confused about the definition of torture, or by faking puzzlement about what grave intrinsic evil is.  You no longer have to waste your time feigning bafflement about whether waterboarding is really torture.  There is now copious evidence that lots of other tortures were used that even the most morally obtuse have to confess to be torture.

And despite the lies of men like Dick Cheney, who lied for years that the extent of our crimes was just a “dunking” of three high value detainees, and who now nakedly declares that the ends justify the means, and who expects us to believe that “it worked” based on his worthless word, there is no evidence that torture stopped a single plot and plenty of evidence that it made intel-gathering vastly more difficult.

Meanwhile, what has the “prolife” Catholic torture defender gained from supporting this filth?  Less than nothing.  Not only did torture make our intel gathering worse, it has now completed the terms of the Faustian deal with the devil in classic fashion: by taking his soul and giving him *nothing* in return.  The “prolife faithful” Catholic torture defender now finds that he is going to the mat to defend… THE SODOMIZATION OF CHILDREN.

You don’t have to do this anymore, O Torture Defender.  You don’t have to get played like this anymore. You don’t need to defend this filth anymore.  You can walk away anytime,  say, “I repent.  I was wrong to defend this.  God forgive me.  Never again!” and God will most certainly and eagerly forgive you.  Why die on this hill?

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