Today is our Anniversary

Today is our Anniversary December 16, 2014

Practically everything you need to know about my heart is in this photo:

Though something of our relationship is also captured here:

Happy 31st, my beloved Janet!

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  • ivan_the_mad

    Congratulations to the both of you, and warm wishes for many more in happiness and in health!

    • antigon

      Buon anniversario Mrs. Shea, & to the guy who’s doubtless done much to help spare you purgatory.

  • Matt Talbot

    Congratulations, Mark. Many more to you and your love!

  • merichiara

    Congratulations Mark & Janet! May God Bless you!

  • Andy

    Congratulations to both you and your wife. I hope you have 31 more.

  • Chris Chan

    Happy anniversary!

  • Andy

    Felicidades! (Today happens to be our 14th!)

  • DC

    Many congratulations and happy returns.

  • Happy anniversary and many, many more!

  • Rob B.


  • anna lisa

    Oh! So beautiful! We’re right behind you 🙂 29th on the 28th 🙂
    Asking God to rain down a Tsunami of Blessings!

  • Paxton Reis

    Gog Bless!


  • Congrats, and many more happy years!

  • Maria Rose

    Sweet! Happy, happy Anniversary!

  • Ez

    A very happy anniversary. Wishing you many more decades of joy together.

  • cmfe

    Belated blessings on you both!

  • orual’s kindred

    Your both make for such a lovely couple :’-)