The Torture Report and Fear of Retaliation

The Torture Report and Fear of Retaliation December 9, 2014

Artur Rosman discusses the fears (and lies) behind the argument that release of the Torture Report could result in blowback.

For the Thing that Used to be Conservatism, torture is a core value springing from its nihilistic cynicism.  It has never repented it and still loves it, though it buries it in lies and euphemism.  Particularly hilarious is watching the same people who have denounced “appeasement” and called for eternal war on the theory that there is no reasoning with our animalistic enemies now suddenly talking about the need to not reveal the tortures they earnestly defended because it might anger and offend our animalistic enemies and make them attack us.

Meanwhile for Obama, torture is something he is ultimately too weak to oppose because his philosophy of relativistic pragmatism has gutted his ability to hold to whatever core he once had. His embrace of torture and murder as tools of policy are grotesque additions to his embrace of abortion and murder of the unborn. So his Administration has worked hard as well to cover things up and make them go away.  

For the victims of torture, such nuanced differences between American torturers don’t exist.  When somebody is beating the living hell out of you, you don’t much care whether the right or the left fist is used.

For God who is tortured in every victim, all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.

For Jesus Christ, tortured to death by our fallen race, his torturers are precious in his sight and he loves them.

There is still time to repent and ask forgiveness for ever approving of this filth.

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  • antigon

    Despite his public support for torture during the Bush II presidency, President Obama chose Fordham graduate & presumably Catholic John Brennan first as his chief counterterrorism advisor where he was a big drone man who lied, claiming none, about the resultant civilian deaths from them; & then to his present position as CIA Director. It was this nomination that provoked Senator Rand Paul’s famous filibuster, but despite all the above Brennan was confirmed 63-34, with the support of 50 Dems, 12 R’s (including McCain), & 1 independent. Two Dems, one I & 31 R’s opposed it.
    As of yesterday when the remarks below were made, Brennan seems disinclined, Mr. Shea, to embrace your salutary admonition & advice:
    ‘Our review,’ he announced, ‘indicates that interrogations of detainees on whom EITs [Enhanced Interrogation, the euphemism for the rectal rape, murder, & other practices exposed in the Torture Report] were used did produce intelligence that helped thwart attack plans, capture terrorists, and save lives. The intelligence gained from the program was critical to our understanding of al-Qa’ida and continues to inform our counterterrorism efforts to this day.’
    Another lie one may be confident, yet utterly foul even were it not, as Mr. Shea has kindly continued to remind us.
    And soon to return as a sequel! With the very distant possibility only of Paul, under Hillary or whichever other Republican gets elected, there is every reason to believe The Torture Report will prove but Chapter One of an ongoing saga.
    No federal law prevented nor has punished, nor will, those responsible for what the Torture Report reveals. And as one David Kurtz among others has noticed, ‘what now stands in the way of reviving such a program is a mere executive order…On torture and all the legal, political, and moral ramifications associated with it, we remain at the edge…unrepentant and undaunted.’

  • Marthe Lépine

    It seems to me that such a “fear of retaliation” is an indirect, and probably unconscious, admission of guilt… If you are afraid that retaliations might follow the revelation of wrongdoing, it seems to me to be an admission that it was wrong. The best way to avoid retaliation is to avoid doing intrinsic evil in the first place, not to scramble for a cover-up.l.