What Conservatism Without Christ Will Look Like

What Conservatism Without Christ Will Look Like December 2, 2014

This offering from “Britain First” has 206,057 shares on FB and over 10,000 likes:

It’s so comforting to see the post-Christian Left and Right agree that there are lebensunwertes leben, whether fetal or adult, whom we can comfortably exile from humanity and treat as experimental meat.

133 Behold, how evil and wicked it is
when monsters dwell in unity!
2 It is like the precious blood upon the head,
running down upon the beard,
upon the beard of Mengele,
running down on the collar of his SS uniform!
3 It is like the gas of Auschwitz,
which falls on the mountains of madness!
For there the devil has commanded the blessing,
death for evermore.

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  • Donalbain


    It attracted attention by taking direct action such as protests outside homes of Islamists, and what it describes as “Christian patrols” and “invasions” of British mosques.

    Britain First was created by Jim Dowson, who ran a call centre in Dundonald, East Belfast for the British National Party (BNP). Dowson’s links with the BNP as a fundraiser ended acrimoniously in October 2010 when he was accused of groping a female activist.[14][15] A former Calvinist minister,[11] Dowson is a ScottishChristian fundamentalist.

    Britain First’s stated aim is to protect “British and Christian morality”,

    Post Christian?

    • chezami

      Yes. Post-Christian. Calls for medical experimentation on Undesirables come from a post-Christian ideology that sees humans as meat resources. They can dress that up all they like in Christian linens just as the German Christian movement dressed *their* racial hygiene ideology in Christian garb. But it is pagan to the core.

      • Donalbain

        Oh. So they are not true Scotsmen. Fair enough.

        • Alma Peregrina

          No. Some of them are true Scotsmen, it seems.

          Pay attention to your own link, mister. 😀

          • Dan F.

            I see what you did there…

            • Alma Peregrina

              Why, thank you. I’ll be here all week. Please, try the haggis.

  • Alex

    Mark, I think this is a case of an American not getting a piece of typically black British humour. You may find it distasteful but it’s not seriously suggesting kiddie-fiddlers should have medical experiments performed on them. I think the implied point is rather that, in a just society, child rapists wouldn’t be in prison in the first place because they would normally receive the death penalty.

  • petey

    “will” ??

  • Britain First is a fascist organization, plain and simple. I don’t think you can fairly reduce fascism to a form of conservatism. Consider the 1930s and 1940s. Some conservatives became fascist, some lefties became fascist, millions of apolitical people became fascist. Nor can you say that an explicit rejection of Christianity is essential to fascism. For all the anti-Christian rhetoric on the fringes of the Nazi movement, the princes of the party all presented themselves as more or less conventional Christians, and the great majority of rank and file party members did the same.

    Look at Hitler’s personal library; there were no books about reviving the Norse gods or any of that stuff, but lots of popular books about Catholicism, many of them well annotated in Hitler’s hand. Clearly he thought of himself as a good Catholic, however strangely mistaken that belief may have been. And for every Saint Maximilian Kolbe who disagreed with Hitler’s self-assessment, there were plenty of bishops and others who were all too willing to accommodate the regime.

    • Alex

      I’m not sure that “fascism” is a helpful description of what appears to be basically militant Protestant-hued nationalism arising in response to the presence of large, aggressive Mohammedan communities in the UK.

      • I sympathize- I’m not a fan of the F-word myself. I agree with George Orwell that by the end of World War Two, it had already been drained of any meaning other than “something undesirable.” But I don’t see what other term you can apply to a group that split from the BNP because they didn’t think BNP was violent enough, and that has an active paramilitary wing.