Why Am I So Harsh on the Incestuous Relationship between Catholics and “Conservatism”?

Why Am I So Harsh on the Incestuous Relationship between Catholics and “Conservatism”? December 12, 2014

Simple.  If Nancy Pelosi were to declare that abortion should be a sacrament, not one prolife Catholic on the planet would do anything but reject it with revulsion.  But when demagogues like Sarah Palin crap all over the holy sacrament of baptism like this a huge percentage of “prolife” Catholycs cheer and repeat the meme (as I watched a Catholic torture defender do last night with this filthy meme).

Those to whom much is given, much will be required. Conservative Catholics have, for years, boasted their superior fidelity to the cafeteria Catholicism of pro-abortion Catholics. Now a huge percentage of them have thrown that all away and yet still cling to the chutzpah of blithely regarding themselves as the only real Catholics while lecturing liberals on being “prolife”. Catholics for a Free Choice at least has the honesty to frankly confess that they hold the Church’s teaching in contempt. But there is something especially gross about “Real” Catholics boasting their fidelity to our tortured Lord while blasphemously taking a dump all over the sacrament of baptism in their worship of Mars.  The identification of waterboarding with Baptism is every bit as sacriligious as “Piss Christ”. And the use of the unborn as human shields for this filth, as though opposition to abortion takes away the eager embrace of the mortal sin of torture, is cynicism as vile as this.

Torture Defenders:  God’s name is blasphemed among the Gentiles because of you. (Romans 2:24)  Torture apologetics is not something that remains in stasis.  Everytime you engage in it, you move your soul deeper and deeper into a complex of lies and make it hard to extricate yourself.  You find it easier and easier to blaspheme the sacraments, to cheer for the threat of murdering children and cutting woman’s throats.  You become the monsters you hate.  Repent and receive the mercy of God before it is too late.

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