And there are copious tape recordings to back it all up

And there are copious tape recordings to back it all up January 5, 2018

Michael Wolff, in addition to chronicling the massive dysfunction of the freak show in the White House, offers this small vignette of the man Church Militant and countless Christianists seriously believe is God’s Anointed:

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So much family values/prolife winning in this tidily documented book.  But, of course, the thoroughly Trumpified old prolife movement knows what kind of man he is.  They adored him when he took vengeance on his infant nephew with cerebral palsy, when he called his years of dodging STDs and the draft as his “personal Vietnam”, when he spat in the faces of POWs and Gold Star families, when he bragged about being a sex predator, and when he mocked a reporter’s disability.  These things are no obstacle for “prolife” Christianists, any more than his Administration’s lengthening record of malice, neglect, and cruelty to the disabled or his penchant for vindictively tearing mothers and fathers apart from their children and deporting them (with Christianists reviling bishops like Tobin who defend them).  Christianists *love* such diabolical cruelty and perversion.  It feels like *power* to them (and indeed it is) and power is their sole metric.  These perversions and assaults on elementary decency are things he gets away with and things that (sweetest of all) “make liberal snowflakes cry”.  Spite is delicious to them.  And they have told me so many, many times.  They *love* that “he drives his liberal enemies crazy”–meaning this love *this* filth, because it’s these outrages that are what incense he enemies–who share not “liberalism” but “basic decency” in common.

Speaking of the Trumpian “prolife” movement, we all remember emotional blackmail like this, don’t we?

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Well, good news!  God’s anointed–just named Prolife God Hero Wonder Emperor of the Universe this year by the Bought and Paid For Prolife Poobahs–refunded Planned Parenthood five times in 2017.  And not just Trump.  So did his whole Congressional Party of Holy Spirit Anointed Heroes chosen by God and above question or rebuke.

Five times.

Good job.  Why, if Hillary had been elected, she might have refunded Planned Parenthood five times!  The contrast is obvious!

Ah!  But he gave us Neil Gorsuch!  Yes. Gorsuch who says Roe is “settled law”.  So that’s totally gonna lead to the complete outlaw of abortion in the US as a real true thing that is not a complete delusional fantasy.  Just the way Reagan and Bush appointees helped double and triple underscore Roe.  Newsflash: our abortion regime is 100% the creation of GOP appointees.  100%.

As the Trumpian prolife movement gives itself over more and more deeply to the Trump cult and embraces the fascistic notion of the magical power of the Dear Leader’s lying word to create reality (in diabolical parody the divine Power of the Word God speaks in creation and redemption), the Christianist cult it has become lies to itself that it is moving ever closer to the “outlaw of abortion”.

It’s not.  It is, in fact, creating all the conditions, not only for an increase in abortion (because of the savage economic pressure this administration will place on poor families, pressuring them to abort), but for the complete discrediting of the prolife movement in the eyes of average people as anything but a front for the GOP culture of death.  It has already distinguished itself with its apologetics for war and torture and the death penalty–and its intense hostility to Pope Francis.  But to these achievements it has now added a *passionate* defense of a sex predator and, in Roy Moore, a child molester.

The Trumpified prolife movement has become like a sleepwalker in a trailer being pulled down the freeway at 70 miles an hour.  In the dream, he is walking toward the Great Rosy Land of Sunrise where abortion will somehow be magicked away forever just by saying so over and over.  In the waking world where prudent adults live, he is opening the trailer door and stepping out into the rushing void.  He will not survive.  And the unborn he claimed to care about will be in care of consistent life ethic Christians who do not use him as a human shield for a lying sex predator.

Of course, not all members of the prolife movement have chosen to lie themselves into supporting, excusing, and defending Trump as Christianists do.  Many (though still a tragic minority) actually behave like Christians and believe and do the gospel Jesus teaches.  They refuse to tell lies.  They protect human life from conception to natural death.  And they treat the unborn–and all the rest of the least of these–as the objects of God’s care and love, not as human shields behind which to advocate for war, torture, the death penalty, and battling the Church on everything from health care to a living wage for the poor.  Because of this, as Christ was, they are hated and reviled by Christianists at propaganda organs like Liesite News, which also hates and reviles their Chief Shepherd Francis.  But that is a small price to pay for following Jesus instead of the Christianist cult.

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