The Story of the Entropy Academy is Now Available!

The Story of the Entropy Academy is Now Available! January 26, 2015

The Entropy Academy was the homeschool founded and led by the most excellent Alison Bernhoft.  Among her many sterling students was Shea scion Number 2, Matthew (aka “Cow”, don’t ask).  Alison account of those years is written in her characteristic delightful prose (her Christmas letters have been prized at Chez Shea for years).:

Finally, and perfectly timed to coincide with the onset of 2015, comesEntropy Academy, or How to Succeed at Homeschooling Even If You Don’t Homeschool.

After years of fighting entropy and its attendant disorder, I learned to embrace it. To my joy, I discovered Teachable Moments galore lurking amid the chaos, and thus Entropy Academy was born. No longer did my messy kitchen and bathtub condemn me as a pathetic excuse for a mother—it was educational chaos! A whole science curriculum lurked on the counters, in the tub, and at the back of the fridge.

Read about the family’s failed emigration to Ireland and our Down’s Syndrome son’s passion for re-arranging the contents of the house. Learn how raisins can introduce your kindergartener to algebra. What exactly is Persuasive Poetical Pizza, and why did the children recite Shakespeare while eating it? Find out what happens when a Portuguese water dog puppy meets a one-year-old mummified Cornish game hen (reader discretion advised …)

Entropy Academy’s appeal extends beyond homeschooling parents to grandparents, aunts and uncles, friends—indeed, anyone who wishes to encourage the creative and intellectual life of a beloved child. Anecdotes abound concerning my English childhood and Oxford student days, adding more than a dash of humor to the mix.

If you enjoy fun writing and want to know about creative, brilliant homeschooling, check out this fine, funny book.

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