A Catholic family could really use our help–and a prayer request

A Catholic family could really use our help–and a prayer request January 25, 2015

Mom writes:

We have until Wednesday to pay the enormous water bill left over from our old crazy apartment, where the landlord used our water for the whole building’s laundry room, or the city will shut us off here at the new address, and we can barely afford to eat the last week of the month let alone pay over three hundred dollars for that. My husband still is still searching for any work at all, but nothing is going to come through by Wednesday. Please ask your readers for their prayers for a miracle, and if anyone can give us any financial help toward paying the bill and surviving this next month! Thank you again.

Father, hear our prayer that dad can swiftly get a good job at a living wage, that this crisis will be averted, that the other bills can be paid, and that you would help mom get her degree, and everything come out right. Mother Mary and St. Joseph, pray for them. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

If you can possibly help, then please do by clicking the button below. They really need this help badly. It will go directly to them.

Thanks for your amazing generosity youse guys!

Update: Dad writes,

Thank you so much everyone for your generous response. Not only has the water shut off that was going to happen on Wednesday been avoided, but we won’t be in trouble next week with the rent like we expected to be either.

Please everyone keep praying for success in our efforts to get on a better footing over the next month or so. I am really hoping to be able to get out of any situation where we might need help again.

Thanks again!

You guys amaze me with your generosity! God love you all! Please pray especially that Dad can find work through Christ our Lord and with the interecession of Mother Mary and St. Joseph.

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